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You Were My Tomorrow (guest post by Shannon Shpak)

Shortly after Mattie was born, I met Shannon and her sweet boy Ethan. Our boys walked a very similar road. It was uncanny.  Miles apart and never having met in “real life”, we Mommas fought for our boys. We celebrated milestones. We prayed when disaster struck. Shortly after Mattie died, I went to message her,… Continue reading You Were My Tomorrow (guest post by Shannon Shpak)

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Brave Things #oncomingalive

The past few weeks have been hard. Really hard. I’ve learned that I can do brave things though. Really brave- like cleaning out my sweet boys room, touching and smelling all of this things, moving things that felt like they should just be glued to the ground forever. It has sapped me of every ounce… Continue reading Brave Things #oncomingalive

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The Danger of “Not As Bad As…”

The human journey is wracked with painful moments and painful seasons. I’ll define pain as: sickness, injury, betrayal, rejection, grief, frustration, confusion, anxiety, loss of any kind, upheaval, or unraveling. You get where I’m going here. Pain. Every painful moment carries with it a unique capacity for growth and strength. We fall and yet we… Continue reading The Danger of “Not As Bad As…”