On My Heart

Good Bye Uterus and Other Changes

So tomorrow I say good-bye to  my uterus. Seems like in this season of “getting rid of what no longer serves me,” my uterus has decided to join the party. A few months ago, I started to notice some odd changes in my body. I chalked them up to splurging on gluten, peri-menopause and a host of other things that turned out to have nothing to do with it.

Weight gain (all in my mid section), funky things going on with my menstrual cycle (I’ll spare you the details), feeling constipated even when I knew I wasn’t, peeing ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME, and just feeling “off.”

You all know I take really good care of myself and I was doing all the right things nutritionally. I was back in the gym after my shoulder surgery. But something wasn’t right.

Then in early August, I actually “felt” my stomach and found a hard mass. I still kept thinking maybe “gluten” or “bowel” issues. So I did ALL. THE. THINGS. And nothing. Kind of what it feels like when you’re pregnant and a knee or elbow is poking out at you!

Only it wasn’t a baby. Whew!

We had a little scare after I went to our family doctor and he scrunched his forehead and declared that it wasn’t a hernia and it wasn’t an impacted bowel and that I should go get an ultrasound. Well I bypassed the ultrasound because waiting for a referral, then an appointment over a holiday weekend, sounded like a nightmare for my already anxious soul.  The next day we took a quick trip to the ER where the doctor ordered a CTscan.

It turned out to be a 15cm x 9cm fibroid tumor. I was then sent to the GYN, who did an exam, a biopsy (not fun), and went over the CTscan with me. He said, “This thing is as big as a baby’s head that’s about to crown.”

So that explains it!! I have an alien head sitting on my bladder and pressing up against my intestines.

So after MUCH research, asking a bazillion questions, and talking to some trusted friends, I’m going to get rid of this alien. I’m grateful to be keeping my ovaries (yeah for natural hormones!)

So Good-Bye Uterus, Thank you for being the growing place of three beautiful children.

Oh and while we are saying good-bye, I’d like you to say
HELLO to my new website!

The blog will remain here and open, but I am transferring content slowly over to the blog at the new website! I promise to keep you in the loop!!



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