Health and Wellness


After struggling with our health and having years of stress take its toll on our body, we have both had incredible transformations of our body, mind and spirit through the power of nutritional cleansing and a renewed focus on health, wellness, and fitness.

I describe myself as a “Dead Woman Walking” prior to my decision to take control of my health. You can read more about my journey in this post “Getting My Life Back”.

My husband describes his own wake up call in this post also featured on my blog “My Story”.

What became a desire to simply feel better quickly became a passion for wholeness, freedom and life to the fullest. We now serve as coaches to those wanting to change their lives through nutrition. We offer solutions for Weight Loss, Healthy Aging, and Energy and Performance.

We also coach a team of like-minded, passionate people who are walking into Financial Freedom together with passion to love, serve and give. Many of those on our team are committed to serve others through support of adoption, orphan care and missions work.

We would love to talk to you about your Health and Wellness goals.

Here’s to Freedom,

John and Tracie Loux


One of my favorite parts of my journey has been linking arms with my family! Here you can see myself, my dad and my beautiful sister, before and after our transformations!


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