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Dear Woman, I saw you…


Dear Woman: Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend,

Today I saw you.

As I played in the pool with my children and my grandchild, I saw you.

I saw you in all of your beautiful shapes and sizes. I saw you with your curves and your cleavage, your scars and your cellulite, muscles toned and skin stretched from holding life. I saw you, young and old. I saw you in every beautiful shade of skin. I saw you with sun kissed cheeks and water tossed hair. I saw you covered and not so covered.

I saw you.

Your unique, one of a kind reflection of the beauty of this world did not escape my eyes.
Your perfect imperfections inspired me.

And I know that you are far more than your bodies.

I heard the whispers of unspoken stories as children laughed and played around us.

You’ve loved and you’ve grieved.

You’ve given love and been hurt by love.

You’ve been scarred and you’ve been healed.

You’ve broken and you’ve risen above.

You’ve walked bravely and you’ve fallen hard.

Today you inspired me.
Just by being there in your skin.
Bravely living.

And I hope with everything inside of me, that when you look in the mirror, you will see the beautifully brave and inspiring woman that I saw today.

I hope you see past the rolls of skin that settle around your waist. I hope you see past the scars where breasts once rose.  I hope you see passed the sadness in the center of your eyes, I hope you see past the lines on your face, the sag of your skin, the scar that haunts you. I hope you don’t place too much value in the shadow of your biceps, firm and round. I hope you don’t see beauty only when your face is painted and your hair is behaving nicely. I hope that neither the flatness, the gentle curve nor the voluptuous rolls of your stomach become a measuring stick for your worth.

I hope you see beauty. I hope you see your priceless worth.

When you look in the mirror….

I hope you see what I see, dear woman: my mother, my sister, my daughter, my friend.

I hope you see a masterpiece.


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