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Still Standing After Two Years

Originally posted at Still Standing Magazine On August 22nd at 2:00am I tucked three of my four youngest children in bed, watched my teenagers close their bedroom doors, and walked into an empty bedroom where a little boy should have been sound asleep, but his body was in a hospital morgue. I walked to my… Continue reading Still Standing After Two Years

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Back to School and the Grieving Heart

As I flip the calendar each year to August, my stomach drops. Mattie died on August 21, 2014. School started the next week, though our lives did not carry on as normal. So for the past two years, the back to school swirl is a bit muddled for me. It is muddled with memories of… Continue reading Back to School and the Grieving Heart

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Two Steps Forward

  “Two steps forward,” I’ve been thinking about since my Skype date yesterday with my friend Paula Stephens. She shared with me that a mentor of hers reminded her that we are most effective in helping the people around us if we are only two steps ahead of them. Just two steps, that’s all it… Continue reading Two Steps Forward