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Inspired Healing: new steps for me

A few weeks ago my friend Paula and I began a conversation about what it would like for us to partner together to continue the great healing work of “Crazy Good Grief.” Conversations led into brainstorming led into a collaboration of hearts.

So here we are, and I’m not gonna lie, I have a few butterflies in my tummy and a whole lot of “oh my goodness what am I doing?”

I have to also share how honored I am to have found someone who shares my heart passions, saw something in me, and chose to believe in me. Below are the remarks I shared with her blog readers today and I share them with you now too:


Imagine with me for a moment that I am reaching across time and space to greet you with an enormous hug today. And with that hug, I offer you a few simple words, “I see you. I am familiar with your pain. I too have chosen to get up out of the mud, to rise again, and to learn to walk with this limp called grief.”

One of my favorite teachers (and Paula’s as well), Brené Brown shares, “The two most powerful words when we struggle: me too.”

And isn’t that why we are all here? To simply hear that “me too” reply in response to our journey. I too have lost a child. I too am doing the hard work of healing. I too am learning what it is like to experience “Crazy, Good Grief.”

I am a mother of 7 amazing children and “Noni” to one gorgeous granddaughter. The reason I am here with you today, entering your world and sharing your healing space, is because of one boy, my youngest, Matthias Samuel Loux. You will come to know him as “Mattie” as you get to know me. August 21st will mark 2 years of learning to live and breathe without his physical presence in my world. I’d love for you to take a moment to read a little about how a brown eyed boy with an extra chromosome and enough joy to fill the ocean changed my life in this post from my blog entitled “When the Pen Drops

One of the most important things I have learned on this journey is the power of learning to sit in the tender place of grief in order to find true connection to our hearts and through that connection to find healing. I’d love for you to read my thought on that here, “Sitting in It

I’m so honored to be with you and ready to encourage you all on your healing journey, just as I continue to heal. I am passionate about creating a toolbox for healing. Our healing journeys can be as unique as each of us are individually, and I am eager to help each of you find the tools that are just right for your toolbox. Let’s discover together the things that will help us grow and heal: body, mind and spirit.

I have learned that grief is as deep as love is wide, and that sorrow exists because of the power of love’s impact on the world.

I have learned that there is space in the human heart for joy and pain, peace and anger, and hope and sadness to all reside. And I have learned that to truly survive such unspeakable loss, we must allow ourselves to feel them each completely.

I will survive because of Love. For this beast called Grief is not stronger than the power of Love.”

Tracie Loux- from “Survived”

From the Heart

More to come later…..much love,


P.S. You are invited to  join the new Facebook group for healing support on your grief journey.

P.P.S Please visit Crazy Good Grief and sign up for the Sunday Mo(u)rning Paper


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