Our Adoption Stories

Early in our marriage, we would talk about adoption, but it wasn’t until 2005 that we  felt the time was soon. We moved to Kansas City in June of 2006, and we began to learn more about the process. In November of 2006 we decided to move forward with domestic adoption. We started our home study in December of ’06 and were home study ready by the end of Jan ’07. In just a few short weeks we got a call that a birth mom had chosen our family to adopt her baby girl that was due in April.

Elia Jane Loux arrived early, on March 7, 2007 and our lives have been forever changed.

In January of 2008 Tracie began to work as an adoption consultant helping guide, educate, and lead others through their own adoption journey.

In August of 2008, we became aware of a little boy named Aiden who would turn 3 on March 1, 2008. Aiden was an orphan in Eastern Europe at the time. We completed our home study for Aiden’s adoption on October 21st, went through the approval process, and returned home with him on March 24, 2009.

We prepared our paperwork to allow us to adopt a 2nd child from Ukraine if there was one at the orphanage that needed a family. We met Emma, and we returned home to the US with her along with Aiden on March 24, 2009.

In October of 2010, we welcomed another child into our family through domestic adoption. Matthias was born with Down syndrome and faced numerous medical complications during his life. Mattie spent the first year of life in the hospital and had multiple surgeries during that time, including a tracheotomy and 2 open heart surgeries. Mattie graced our lives with love and so much joy for nearly 4 years. He was thriving and growing and loving life when a sudden onset asthma attack took his life on August 21, 2014. We deeply mourn his loss.

Thank you for taking time to share in our adoption journey. We continue to move forward educating others about adoption, helping couples through the adoption process through Tracie’s work as an adoption educator and advocate.

For questions about adoption, email Tracie at tracie@christianadoptionconsultants.com

And feel free to visit my professional blog at http://www.thespiritofadoption.wordpress.com


9 thoughts on “Our Adoption Stories

  1. My husband and I feel like God is calling us to move to Kansas City to be involved in IHOP.. We have always felt called to adoption and was wondering who you contacted to begin the process?
    Your story is so very touching and encouraging!

  2. Tracie,
    My husband and I were introduced to IHOP about 2 years ago. Since then 2 of our children have re-committed there lives to Jesus and enrolled into internships OTI and FITN and our oldest is planning a move as well…of course we have also been provoked and hope the Lord leads us to join them into what our family has been called to!
    We also have a word of more children, this has burned in us one way or another for a long time…we are running after them now!
    We have a friend in SS who is checking into doing our home study. I was wondering if you might have any examples of Announcements of Adoption I could see? And how soon should we send ours out?


  3. Hi. I am so sorry for your loss. I was shocked and grieved by Derek’s death. Through his life and testimony and with the devastation in Haiti, I’ve felt impressed by God to consider adopting. Can you give me any info from organizations connected to IHOP to help with the adoption process. And is there anything being organized to help orphans in Haiti? Thank you. God bless you and your family

  4. Tracie,

    My husband and I have felt the Lord leading us to prepare for our move to Kansas City beginning about three years ago. We are very near to the time when we feel that we will finally make the move and hopefully start our internships there. More importantly is that we also feel the Lord’s heart concerning adoption and totally have a “yes” in our spirits to embrace this. I am writing to ask you where to begin. I know that things probably will not be able to move forward until we are there and settled, but I still seek your advice and counsel concerning this issue and where to begin.

    After hearing of Derek’s death we visited his blog and have been deeply touched by all that he and his wife have done. I was also so shocked to see that the vision that they have is so similar to the one I have seen so many times for my husband and I. I never realized that what I was seeing was being seen and walked out by others there in Kansas City.

    Thank you!!
    Deana Morris

  5. Hello Traci,

    I wrote you back in July of ’09 explaining that our hearts were leaning towards adoption and moving to Kansas City. I had explained to you that God was calling us to KC and you said we should wait until we were moved to start the adoption process. Well with all the glory to God, we have been in Kansas City for two weeks. It was such an amazing process. Withied what little we could bring and are staying in a rental. We have been looking for a house and just yesterday closed on what will be our NEW HOME!!!! God is so good. I knew I needed to get our family up here and better yet I wanted my son surrounded by IHOP. I smile when I think of Gods goodness. I was reading at the bottom of your adoption page a list of children about ready to be born and I’m like, “I want all of them, lol” So how do we get this process rolling? I think the thing we are most worried about is finances. What is the adverage cost of an adoption process?

    Thanks so much

  6. I’m wondering if you would be willing to send info you have about beginning the adoption process. We are just recently feeling like we need to at least look into adoption. Thanks!

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