Our Children

Loux Family 007

Summer of 2015 

Nick is 23 years old and is an incredibly talented artist  and musician. He was married to his beautiful wife, Amy in May of 2013. He works full time locally, as well as continuing in his passion for music as a song writer. Nick and Amy welcomed their daughter Millie into the family in May of 2015.

Taylor is 20 and is a gifted writer and artist. He works part time while spending a great deal of his day in developing as an artist.  We fully expect Taylor to write, illustrate and publish books one day soon. He is finishing his first manuscript with illustrations that we are hoping to publish soon.

Isabelle is 17 and is a songwriter and musician.  She is working part time at a local coffee shop where she keeps the display case full of amazing pastries and baked goods. She is finishing her last year of school. Her songwriting is developing and growing daily.

Emma is 9. She is a one of a kind, silly little girl, who has walked into our world and truly opened our hearts to a deeper understanding of the Father’s love. Emma was born in Ukraine, a victim of fetal alcohol exposure. She came to us delayed in so many ways, and has in just a few years time blossomed before our very eyes!

Aiden is 9- He is an absolutely pleasure. Born in Ukraine with Down Syndrome, he spend the first 3 years of his life in an orphanage. The day we saw his face, we knew he was our son, and for the past year, he has certainly shown us time and time again that his life is absolutely a gift from God.

Elia is 8. She is a joy and a delight in every way. She adores her older siblings and loves spending time as a family. She loves reading and art. She adores animals and loves the outdoors. She is a treasure to our family.

Matthias entered our family on October 20, 2010. We are blessed beyond belief with this treasure of a little boy who was deposited in our family. Mattie was born with Down syndrome and was hospitalized the first year of life. Mattie received a tracheostomy at 4 months of age and spent the first few years of his life on ventilator support, he had two open heart surgeries in his life and also had a G-tube. He lived at home with our family , loving life and pouring joy into us all for almost 4 years. On August 21, 2014 at the healthiest time in his life, a sudden, unexpected, severe asthma attack took his life. We mourn his loss daily.

Updated June 2015


6 thoughts on “Our Children

  1. Loux Family,
    I just want to say Thank you for being obediant to the Lord and his calling on yalls lives to adopt. I am currently a College student studying to be a Early Childhood Teacher K-6 specilizing in Special Eduction K-12. I grew up around special needs children, and have always had a heart for them. A couple of years ago, God layed upon my heart Adoption. I have felt a heavy calling on my life to adopt. I am not married, so in the mean time I am just praying for my futuer children that I will adopt and the Husband that will help me raise them. It is extremelly encouraging to see families adopt children but not only just adopt but to adopt a baby that has DS. Your family amazes me! I know God is extremelly plesed with yall! Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of Heaven. Just wondering but what is the process of adoption?
    God Bless
    -Nikki Boyd

  2. I praise God when I see someone that is using the talent that He gave to bring others to Jesus. We share the love for helping the orphans that is nothing more than a talent that God gave us and will ask for results when he comes back.

  3. We love keeping up with your blog – we too are blessed parents of a Sweet one with DS – we were able to bring her home from Taipei, Taiwan in 2009. We are passionate for the orphan and also for the blessing of adoption and continue to advocate for little ones, especially those with DS and have been able to see several of them come to their forever families, some with friends of ours here in KS! Blessings to you and yours,

  4. I thank God for hearts like yours Tracie.You are an ispiration to me and many others. What a blessing you are to so many, and blessed with so many little angels. It is a dream and desire in my heart to be a mother of adoption. I know one day God will bring it to pass. I will continue to pray for your beautiful family and many others like yours as well. Thank you for your beautiful heart of adoption for so many beautiful children.God bless your family. In Christ, Jina

  5. Thank you for your beautiful words today. I lost a grown child to suicide , and his two sisters are grieving so. They are grown and out on their own so it is difficult . As a mom we are the kissers of the boo boos and we make everything ok. To know that when they get older we can’t just give them a kiss and make it all better. Thank you again and I can’t wait for tomorrow .

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