Child Loss and Grief


My remarks from our Celebration Service of Matthias Samuel Loux

October 20, 2010- August 21, 2014

“Today we are celebrating 3 ½ year of life with the most amazing child on the planet. A child who changed me. Anchored me. Steadied my heart during so many storms. A child who could still my heart and steady my breath with just a look and a smile.

I am celebrating the child who taught me how to breathe.

I want to thank each of you for being here.

You are here because Matthias touched your life in some way.

Some of you only know him through Facebook, some of you dear precious ones have cared for him as your very own through sickness and in health, some of you have taught him and helped him reach milestones that are to this day miracles, every one.

But you are here because you are changed. We are all changed.

Changed by a story that God wrote about a boy named Matthias Samuel Loux.

I promised my son yesterday that I would keep on living. That I would keep breathing.

I promised him that I would walk through whatever the rest of the story God is writing for my life.

And I ask each of you, to live and breathe and walk, and hold close to you the lessons that my son’s life has taught you.


Thank you all for listening, caring, loving us, and letting us walk out this journey of grief.

We feel your love and prayers.”



If you are visiting this blog because you have lost a child or a loved one, I hope that you find with these pages a friend who understands your journey. I hope that I am able to give words to feelings that may be trapped in your head or stuck in your heart.





3 thoughts on “Child Loss and Grief

  1. I too lost my son last Aigust. He was 32. I live with it every minute of every day. It hasn’t gotten easier. Thank you for sharing your journey of grief.. It does help connecting with others who have gone through the same thing, for we are all in a group we never wanted to be in. Thank you.

  2. My son would have been 45 yesterday. Today his FIRST son is 7. He left us four children. 9, 7, 5, 4
    Speechless still after 8 months from losing my only son at 44.

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