Breaking The Chains of Fear – Celebrating Life With NO Fear of Death.


A note from Dorean Beattie: I am babysitting Tracie’s blog while she takes time away to be with her family in this time of grief. Today’s guest blog is by one of Tracie’s friends, Shaleen Kendrick. While I know Tracie would feel awkward about what is said about her in this post, I also know she would want how Mattie’s story has impacted another mother to be told.


Lord,  where do I start thinking about this week. Through all the pain and hardship we have ensued over the past 5 years I knew it could always be worse…one of my children could die. Fear. My greatest fear.  The Lord used the past five years of my life to break the chains of fearing pain. But the last chain held fast – fear of death. One of the many blessings the Loux family bestowed upon me this week was to break this chain of fear.

What a f*~+ed up week.  The only way to accurately describe this is the juxtaposition of HORRIFIC and HOLY.

I’m so impressed with my beloved friends Tracie, John and their children. I am not proud of how they walked out this week, because proud has a way of giving credibility to oneself, and I have nothing to credit myself for here. I am impressed, because impressed means:

1. to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings; influence in opinion

2. to fix deeply or firmly on the mind or memory

Tracie, John and their children have affected me deeply with how they chose to lived out of WHO God made them to be…through the most horrific event a mother, father and family could imagine.  And it was Holy to witness.  They have had a profound and life changing influence on my opinions regarding who My Savior is in death. They have fixed deeply and firmly in my mind what it means to walk through death with grace, hope, faith and an unquenchable love for our Father and for others.  As memory fades the four images I will always carry with me are:

A Deep Understanding Of Who God Is:  As Mattie’s celebration of life began Tracie’s older children took the stage with a quiet and humble confidence in who they are and who their Savior is. They joined the worship band and began to play.  Mattie’s adoring sister Amy belted out the most memorable and haunting rendition of “Oceans” I have ever witnessed.  As I stood at Tracie’s back while she sat in the row ahead of me her head down and holding on, The Lord “spoke” to me “lay My hand on her”.  I stepped forward and grasped her right shoulder, Carolyn stepped forward grasping her left shoulder.  As we sang about our faith having no boarders, walking on water, going where we willingly would not have gone, and calling on the Name of The Lord … Tracie’s hands flew up. Reaching to the heavens. I watched a mother worship her Lord, with every fiber of her being, as her son’s beautiful body lay without breathing the air of this world a few feet from her.  I watched a husband grasping his beloved’s hand while he too laid it all on the line for his Savior. I watched sisters and brothers worship with courage and abandonment while suffering. They were the same behind the scenes. As we sat in their living room for hours on end they wept, they worshiped, they questioned, prayed, clung to one another, and loved.  Their deep understanding of who God is lead them through the mystery and pain of death.

A Commitment To True Love:  I stood transfixed as John took Tracie’s hand in his and began to articulate true love for his wife and his children. They stood on the stage above their son clinging to one another.  He honored his wife’s courage, tenacity and nurturing spirt and spoke along the lines, “we have seen hard you and I. This is by far the hardest. The statistics are against us in something like this, the statistics have always been against us. Tracie I love you. I choose you today, and I will choose you everyday after today. You are my love.”  Then he turned to his children and spoke directly to them. He called out who God had created his children to be. He knew their inner being. He knew their inner fears and he spoke to each one of them “your father is with you, your father will wrestle with you, your father knows you”. It was one of the most accurate and powerful reflections of the HEART OF GOD i have ever see .  GOD OUR BELOVED AND GOD OUR FATHER.  They know what TRUE LOVE is. True love for God and true love for one another. They are committed to it, even in death.

A Passion For Life:  By the world’s standards Mattie had nothing to contribute.  I was once privy to a conversation where a mother said her greatest aspirations for her child were that he would be “a contributing member of society”.  Oh how broken and blind our world is.

Mattie’s sisters stood before the world and declared the truth about who God created Mattie to be.

“Mattie was created to love and to be loved” declared his sister.  Every life is valuable and worth fighting for.

Mattie’s life was valuable and worth fighting for, and the Loux family knew it. This boy, who’s body was broken from the moment he took his first breath, left behind a legacy of passion and love I aspire to. And he did it in less than 4 years.  Can we say the same?  My grandfather lived over 70 years and I’m 99% positive he did not impacted one person with love.  He left behind a legacy of destruction and pain. I never shed and tear for him.  I wept for Mattie.  A boy I never met in person, but who I knew.  A boy who never spoke a word, but loved with every beat of his heart.  A boy who struggled with each breath, and never had a voice.  His family was his voice, proclaiming to the world his original design, and the world was changed.  Mattie a 3 1/2 year old boy with special needs: changed the world.  Mattie’s legacy of love is left behind. His life was valuable and worth every moment.  Isabelle, his loving sister, boldly proclaimed, “It was all worth it. His life was worth fighting it.”  This proclamation from an courageous, captivating, memorizing adolescent woman who in the midst (not absence) of suffering, deep pain, and questions for her Creator.  What will my legacy be?  What will your legacy be?

Inviting Others In:  Finally, I walk away knowing the value of inviting others into your pain.  Tracie invited me into her life years ago. And she kept inviting me in ever since. When she texted me about Mattie being called Home, I didn’t hesitate booking my flight out. I wasn’t sure how she would want to grieve and wanting to be sensitive I continually asked questions, giving her freedom. She consistently invited me into her pain.  Through her invite God transformed my heart. Through her invite to guard her back against the Enemy in prayer, to sit in her living room while they wept and shared, to stand at the grave site, to worship The Lord along side of them:  the chain of fear was broken. 

Fear of death has no hold on me today.

As I fly home I hold Layla in my arms. I was marked by Gratitude through her. I learned to place my Hope in The Lord through my other daughter and after all this my faith truly knows no bounds.

I do not wish for death, but when it claims me, and my husband, and my children…I will throw my arms up to the heavens. I will follow Tracie, John and their children in abandonment, worship, faith and trust in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Amen

written by Shaleen Kendrick

You’ve Always Been My Boy and I’ll Always Be Your Papa


Here are John’s remarks from Mattie’s Celebration Service. Well, at least most of them…. some of his spontaneity may be missing!


I want to share with you some memories I have of Mattie, first from the hospital and then from our home.

Memories from the Hospital:

The boy could sure hold his liqueur! (Many times in the hospital Mattie had to be sedated in order to keep him from pulling out the many tubes and lines that were in him when he was critically ill. ) Just when we thought we had given him enough to keep him still for days it was as if he would look up at us and say “ That was nothin! What else you got?”

Mattie stopped traffic in the hallways at the hospital. When he was feeling well he would play on a mat on the floor with his toys and flirt with people (mostly pretty nurses) as they went by. He got more drive by love then any kid I know.

I’ll always remember the many doctors rounds when everyone was trying to figure out what his deal was on many occasions we would all look at each other, shrug our shoulders and just say “Hey, it’s Mystery Mattie”.

Memories from Home:

These are some things I will miss about you son.

I will miss your amazing smile that brought healing, hope and peace to all of us in this room and so many more that could not be here.

I will miss the 1000 silly faces you could make in just a few seconds.

I will miss your stinky trach neck in the morning.

I will miss chewing on your neck and making you laugh so hard.

I will miss having you grab both my hands, putting them together & wanting me to make them clap really fast and loud until you were literally cross-eyed.

I will miss the way you laughed at loud noises. Like laundry being snapped while being folded , plastic bags ruffling, doors slamming. Your brother and sisters running wildly through the living room.

I will miss all your little squeaks and noises you would make and the way you would smile when I made them back to you.

I will miss the way you would look one direction and then reach up quickly with one hand and pull the skin under my chin.

I miss the way you would attack my face when I would lay my head on your lap.

I will miss your handsome singing voice, and OH how beautiful it was.

I will miss the way you would uncontrollably laugh for no apparent reason. You would see something and it would just crack you right up. I’m convinced you saw angels (maybe your Uncle Derek) as you were close to that realm so many times in your life.

I will miss seeing you non-nonchalantly sitting with your chin bouncing on your crib rail and your legs hanging through the side rails.

I will miss flicking your lips, and you looking up at me when I stop flicking your lips as if to say “ Dude, you got one job here, let’s focus.”

I will even miss the way you hated to poop – We were working on that, I had lots of talks with you and tried to convince you that someday you might even like it as it might be the only time you can lock yourself in a room to get peace from this crazy bunch of people. It was just downright sneaky how you got out of that my son.

I will miss you crawling out the bedroom door to the top of the stairs to see what excitement was going on downstairs.

And Oh how I will miss hearing multiple times a day someone yelling from your room “ Oh my God, you are soooo cute”!


Tracie : I SO want to honor you today . Matties story was heard around the world because of you. No one fought as hard for Mattie as you did. I’m SO proud of you, you’re my hero. You dove head first into learning everything you could learn about Matties medical condition. If a trach change was an Olympic event, I would put you up against the top PICU nurses in the country.

The statistics may be against us right now, they have been against us quite a few times in the past as well. We have been through some REALY hard stuff in our marriage, this definitively being the hardest. In the past, we decided to keep choosing each other and today I choose you again. I love you so much.

Nick: My deep thinker. I loved the way you & Mattie would play and tease one another. I loved hearing him make you laugh. I saw you morph between big brother and a father figure. Your gonna make a great father someday son. Nick,you will wrestle with questions over your brothers passing that you may never get answers for in this life but know this I will wrestle with you.

Amy: My daughter and friend. The way you interceded for Mattie last year when he was so sick touched me deeply. You sang and prayed over him. Your tenderness and motherly instincts have grown over the years you were with Mattie. If it was possible for me to love you even more, I did because of the way you were with him.

Taylor: My tender strong Tay. You had a special love with Mattie. Mom came down the stairs just a couple of weeks ago and said what a special and unique love you had with him. We all saw it and it was so precious. Plus he got you out of the basement more! I love you Tay my Tay. Your Dad sees and cares about your broken heart. I’am with you son.

Isabelle: My beautiful Belle. You were the only person who’s name Mattie could really say “Belle, Belle”. Of course he could sign your name as well but most of the time his hand placement during the sign was a little off so he ended up signing the other “b word”.  Yours was a beautiful, musical romance. He was your peace, He was your silly release. This Papa has your back baby girl.

Elia Jane: My LILI Lou. You were Matties “ little momma”. You took such good care of him. He felt SO loved by you. Thank you for loving Mattie so well.

Emma: You were such a good big sister to Mattie, always concerned for how he was doing and if he had everything he needed. Thank you Emma.

Aiden: You were the bestest pal a buddy could ever wish for. Buddy was a part of you, he was you in so many ways. I remember when buddy was just a baby and you looked at him and said “Buddy, Me … the same”. I will carry you through this my precious boy.

And finally …

Mr. Steve, (Matties night nurse) every night you would see me tuck Mattie in and whisper something in his ear. You may have thought it was a prayer but it was really more of a fathers affirmation to his son. I’d like to share it with you now.

You are the sweet son of my love.

You are strong and brave, gentle and kind, and SO smart.

And I love you from the from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

From your sweet little eyes to the tip of your nose.

And I’ve always been your Papa cause you’ve always been my boy.

Cause you’ve always been my boy and I’ve always been your Papa.

I love you Mattie Sam.

You are my BIG, STRONG, handsome, kind, and gentle son; and I’m SO proud to be your Papa and I’m SO SO glad that your my boy. 


Celebrating My Son


Here are my remarks from yesterdays service


I’ve been writing a book about my children for the past few years. And in the preface it says……

I am writing a story that is still being written. I don’t even know how this story ends, but I am so grateful that it is being written and that the story of my life was woven into the story of the lives of the incredible children you are about to meet.

But this is not the ending I would have chosen for the story of the life of Matthias Samuel Loux.


But God is good and His mercy endures forever.

Once there was a child, formed in his mother’s womb.

Created by God.

Fearfully and wonderfully.

Before he breathed his first breath,

His Maker knew him.

He called him by name.

He breathed LIFE over Matthias.

He dreamed a dream,

And Matthias became.

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Nothing was hidden from Him.

The One who created Matthias saw it all.

He began writing. A story. His story.

A story called “Matthias.”

As He penned each word,

He was pleased.

And then He sat back and watched the story become all that He dreamed it could be.

He laughed.

He cried.

He took great delight in watching his destiny come to life.

He watched every step.

Even from afar, He saw Matthias.

And He delighted in him.

He directed him.

Protecting him in front and behind.

His hand was upon Matthias.

He kept him steady.

He was the light that led Matthias’ way.

He held out His hand, and He never let go.

He sat back, eager to enjoy the story unfold.

Knowing every word from beginning to end, yet still, He delighted in his journey.

The wonderful works of His hand.

Free to become everything He created him to be.

Dancing into His story.


I don’t understand why my son’s story changed on August 21st.

14 months ago, we watched our son’s heart stop. And we got a miracle.

This time. His heart stopped. And it never started beating again.

But for Matthias it was just the beginning.

Today my son can walk, and dance, and run.

He can sing and he can laugh…… so loud it shakes the heavens.

My son has no scars, no pain, no tubes, no wires.

No machines beeping in the night.


Here is what I am CELEBRATING today…….

3 ½ year of life with the most amazing child on the planet. A child who changed me. Anchored me. Steadied my heart during so many storms. A child who could still my heart and steady my breath with just a look and a smile.

I am celebrating the child who taught me how to breathe.

I want to thank each of you for being here.

You are here because Matthias touched your life in some way.

Some of you only know him through Facebook, some of you dear precious ones have cared for him as your very own through sickness and in health, some of you have taught him and helped him reach milestones that are to this day miracles, every one.

But you are here because you are changed. We are all changed.

Changed by a story that God wrote about a boy named Matthias Samuel Loux.

I promised my son yesterday that I would keep on living. That I would keep breathing.

I promised him that I would walk through whatever the rest of the story God is writing for my life.

And I ask each of you, to live and breathe and walk, and hold close to you the lessons that my son’s life has taught you.



Thank you all for listening, caring, loving us, and letting us walk out this journey of grief.

We feel your love and prayers.

Celebrating the Life of Matthias Samuel Loux



At 9:30PM on August 21st, a brave little warrior from this earth was welcomed as a strong and valiant champion into the arms of Jesus.

Our son is gone from our arms, but his life has imprinted each of our hearts with more love than can ever be spoken.

Our family grieves with deep, deep grief. A loss like this is more than our hearts can bear but we lean on the One who created us all.

It was like we were a wheel. Christ as the hub, we the spokes, but Mattie the felloes that held us together, shaped us, set us on course.

He moved us. His life centered us and connected us as a family more deeply than words can express.


On August 21st our lives changed forever….

Mattie has been doing so well as you know. We had a marvelous family vacation, he has been vent free since February. The hovering storm these past few months has been ASTHMA. And asthma can be a killer.

We were treating Mattie for a seasonal asthma flair up much like we have before with increased breathing treatments and a course of steroids. But asthma has a mind of its own.

And a sudden very severe flare up sent a moments before playing on the floor, happy boy into a sudden asthma attack.

I had to immediately begin bagging him (assisted breathing) and we administered emergency inhalers all while calling 911 and Mattie’s doctor. EMS helped take over rescue breathing and administered additional inhalers.

Within 9 minutes we had him on the ambulance. About 5 minutes later he coded. I had to help with CPR. I bagged him while one EMT did chest compressions, and the other administered epinephrin.

We arrived at the ER where the did 3 more rounds of epinephrin along with CPR.

They were not able to restore a heart beat.


Service Information:


Vineyard Church of Overland Park 8301 Lamar Overland Park, KS 66207

Wednesday, August 27th

Viewing 11:00am-12:45pm

Celebration Service at 1:00PM.


For practical ways to help, please visit:

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You may also use the donate button on this blog to access Paypal.

If you would like to give a tax deductible gift please mail checks written out to TEKOA 211 to 12312 Askew Street Grandview MO 64030

The Marks of My History



Stretch marks. These are mine.

As I lost weight, they actually became more visible.

My health journey has never been about becoming more beautiful.

I’ve always felt that feeling beautiful comes from a place in my spirit, not from my reflection in the mirror.

So as my health journey progressed, and I began to workout and see muscles develop where I had never had them before, I had to come to a reckoning of sorts with the the fact that my lower tummy will always look somewhat like this.

And I am 100% ok with that.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t trade those scars for the world.

Because those scars represent these three incredible treasures.

As a my beautiful friend Jennifer said to me today, “We carry the marks of our history.”

My history looks like this.

Loux Family 047


And those marks tell a story that I’ve been watching unfold in their lives for 22 years now.

Treasure those marks you bear, Precious Women.

Don’t despise them.

Bear them with joy.

Growing life is a big deal.

My stomach will always have a little sag with the beautiful lines that show that it was once full of life.

It is my history.





I am comfortable in my own skin.

No make up.

3 days with no shower.

Just me.

I’m finally ok with me, and it has nothing to do with my appearance.

It has to do with what I am uncovering on the inside.

I couldn’t have said this and probably wouldn’t have shared a photo like this a year ago.

I remember a photo I posted on Instagram back in January, I was headed to the gym and my sister commented, “You’re going to the GYM! Why do you have MAKE UP on!”

I may have said, “Oh it’s just a little mascara,” but in reality it was probably a little more than that.

I can remember one time I accidentally went to Target without make up and was mortified.

I prayed no one I know would see me.

Do I have a problem with women wearing make up? Nope. I wear it all the time.

What is sad though, very sad, is that for years, I didn’t feel pretty without it. For years, it was to cover up layers upon layers of insecurity.

The longer I’ve been on this journey of reclaiming my health and learning to take care of ME, the more I realize that I like ME.

I really like me.

Who I am.

Just me.

10517465_10152253996303595_1177587294830057316_n   10516812_10152252126793595_137416035228776624_n   10417462_10152252032608595_8668774967150769722_n 10440739_10152163371753595_4787269995561900813_n


I’m a good mother. I love, I care, I fight hard, I listen, I give, I speak, I touch, I hold, I share, I reach in.

That is the ME that they need and love.

10488362_10152249714433595_4964755037741124658_n  10374873_10152235180748595_3814594907474912308_n

I’m a good wife.

I love him and he loves me. He could care less if I’m all made up or have a bandana on my head.

I am his friend. I love. I give. I listen. I care. I make him laugh. I get him. I speak words of hope over his heart. I believe in him.

That is the ME that he needs and loves.



I am at what I do with my hands.

I work hard. I give hard. I serve well. I believe these things to be true about myself.

I am passionate, creative, committed, determined.

It is OK to be confident in who you are.

And somedays I forget to take a shower and sit down to work because it is part of WHO I am.



I took this last photo just minutes after my 7 year old told me, “Mom, you’re so beautiful.”

Crazy hair, no make up, jammies on…. BEAUTIFUL.

This made me happy on a 100 different levels, but mainly because I am raising daughters whose definition of BEAUTY is spot on.

So let me talk to you. Listen carefully.

You are beautiful. You are a treasure. You are valuable.

If when I say those words, you do not believe them, then you need to find out what lies you’ve been feeding your soul.

As I transformed my outside this year, I have also transformed my inside.

My spirit.

My mind.

It has taken as long as the outer transformation.

But it is there.

It is real.

I am happy to be me.






Three of My Very Best Friends


Loux Family 047

I am in the unique position of being a mom who is raising teenagers, even sent one off into adulthood, while at the same time managing life with four Littles.

I am not a perfect mom.

Not by far.

But I have learned a few things.

And here is the thing, I don’t buy the lie that you can’t be friends with your kids.

Sure, I get where that came from, I get that I am still “the parent”; but what I treasure most of all is the friendship I’ve built with my children.

My friend Sara  wrote this on Facebook the other day:

My almost 7 year old woke me up this morning and asked me to go outside and watch the sunrise with him.

I just keep thinking, “By golly, I think I’m raising my best friends.”

I had to chime in. I just couldn’t help myself.

Here’s what I wrote to her:

You ARE raising your best friends. Every day I am blown away by the beauty of the friendship I have now with my oldest three. And now, I look back and can see glimpses of the moments like the one you just mentioned that foreshadowed the beauty to come. Enjoy it now and treasure it like you do. Now 22 years into motherhood, it blows me away.

She wrote back:

I guess moments like this give me the courage to keep giving it my all even on the days that I’m thinking, “Dear God, I’m blowing it!” Usually older moms say, “Oh it goes so fast, enjoy them while they’re little”.  And it makes me think that maybe I don’t have anything to look forward to. Your comment gives me hope!

I replied:

Oh goodness, I will never say that to any momma, because I never find that statement helpful. Being a momma is hard. I was talking to my brother today and told him, “I’m a good mom. I’m the kind of mom only I can be. I’m not an ooshy goosy mom. I’m just me and that’s good.” And Sara, 22 years into this, I blow it every single day. I kid you not. I get short and snippy and impatient and I forget to really listen. BUT that is NOT who I am as a mom. Who I am as a mom is ME, and there is so much I do well. Eyes on the beauty of it, my friend. We get up and start fresh moment by moment. All is good. Building a lifetime of experiences. One moment is never the equivalent of the journey.

Did you hear that?


I’m letting you in to my chat with Sara because we all need to be reminded of that.

Being a mom is hard. Being a parent is hard (dad’s too).

But there is JOY in parenthood. Reach out and grab it.

I want to tell you how I developed FRIENDSHIP with my children.

1. I listen to them, and I never treat what they have to say as childish.

2. I encourage them to have opinions and share them with us.

3. I try to always apologize when I bl0w it. Good parents say “I’m sorry!”

4. I engage with things that are important to them and made space for their dreams.

Here’s another tip: Teenagers open up at night. I cannot tell you how many amazing conversations take place when I am ready for bed. The foot of our bed has been a place where teenagers sit and talk late at night. It has been a place where hearts unfold, dreams are shared, young love’s journey is told, and sorrows are revealed. You were up in the wee hours of the night with them as newborns, busy non-stop from morning til night with them as youngsters, but as teens the late night hours are precious opportunities to allow friendship to grow.

My boys are sitting here as I write this, and I just asked them why they consider us their friends- what made friendship grow.

They both responded,

We felt respected. We felt like we were taken seriously.

So there you have it.

Do you respect your children?

Do you see the value in them and call it out. Do you validate who they are and what they are becoming MORE than you care about their failures and floundering.

Do you take your children seriously?

Does what they have to say matter to you? Do you really listen and treat their thoughts and dreams as valuable?

And remember.


You’re going to fail, say you’re sorry and move on. In the moments of failure and making it right, your children will learn to trust you.

They will learn that you respect them and take them seriously.

They will learn that they have value.

And they will become your friends.