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“Mattie Breathes”… the work continues

Mattie and I wrote a book as one of our fun “mother-son” projects. We had lots of time to plan it and well he was willing to ham it up for the camera!

We became quickly aware of the limited resources available for families who were facing the option of having a tracheostomy for their child. We wanted to provide a resource that would take some of the “scary” out of the decision making process and also allow for a way to explain this big decision to family, friends, school teachers and classmates, etc.

“Mattie Breathes” was written to help educate families about life with a tracheostomy, and to show the amazing quality of life and true joy that children living with a tracheostomy can have. It is also a tool to help medical professionals and educators prepare families for life with a tracheostomy.

You can read about it HEREmattiebreathes2draft



I self-published this book and sold out this week. The last 25 copies were purchased by a doctor at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. I’m so grateful for the many hospitals who have put books into the hands of families in need of encouragement! And grateful to many of YOU who have purchased books for family and friends!

It’s time to go to press again! Due to the sales of t-shirts prior to the last printing, I was able to donate countless books!!

So here we go again! For a limited time some awesome t-shirt designs will be available and all the profit will go to printing another round of books! I do NOT like being out of stock!

If you are reading this and don’t really want a t-shirt but would like to financially contribute to this project, please email me at

The original “Don’t Forget to Breathe” design is back!



And I’m so excited to introduce this new design “Strength to Strength”, if you’d like to read more about why this phrase is significant in my life, you can read this POST.

To purchase visit MATTIE BREATHES

All orders are PRE-ORDERS, and will be up for a LIMITED TIME ONLY (about 2 weeks).

As soon as minimum order is filled, they will go to print!

Mattie Breathes Facebook Page


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