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You Better Find Somebody to Love


“Don’t you want somebody to love.

Don’t you need somebody to love.

Wouldn’t you love somebody to love.

You better find somebody to love.”

– Jefferson Airplane

We all want to love and be loved. Deep at the heart of the every human being is the aching desire to love and be loved.

Love is a messy thing though because loving means taking a risk, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t be hurt by taking a risk, loving well, and then just having things go plain ‘ole wrong. True love pushes through pain and disappointment. True love is faithful when everything else is screaming, “QUIT!”

I have known my share of disappointments, but I have also seen the power of faithful, enduring, never-giving up love. I’ve so grateful that I’ve been tough enough to push through, and wise enough see the value of a love that grows deeper through adversity.

This weekend we celebrate LOVE. Some of you out there cringe at the sight of red hearts and teddy bears and the bouquets of long stemmed roses on every corner in nearly every store- I cringe too. We actually have an annual Family Love Day at our house, and if John and I celebrate it’s always later on.

There are four different kinds of love in Greek:  Storge (affection/fondness between family or acquaintances), Phileo (friendship), Eros(intimate/romantic) and Agape (the love of God). Every single one of those “loves” is worth celebrating today.

This weekend, I’m determined to love others and to look for those who need to feel loved. I will find somebody(s) to love.

You should too.

I encourage each one of us to reach beyond our own borders and find someone who needs love this weekend.  I don’t think you’ll have to look hard. Send out a bunch of texts to some beautiful people who could use encouragement, hand out a few good 20 second hugs, buy someone a cup of coffee, surprise someone with chocolate, drop off single stem flowers or cards to to passed out at a nursing home, send a special delivery to a widow or single parent. Deliver a festive meal to a family that’s in pain. Keep thinking. It won’t take you long to come up with some amazing ideas.

In a world screaming for us to turn our full attention on Eros (intimate/romantic) love today, let us not forget the deep value of Storge (affection/fondness between family/friends) and Phileo (friendship) love. And please above all else, find someone to shower with some trueAgape (love of God) love today.

Come on now, “You Better Find Somebody to Love.”


-reposted from 2012 with a few edits


Photo credit: BigKidsLoveToys – off more than on via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

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