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Dear Self, Be Kind

Words. They are my love language.

This was created for my birthday one year, a string of love notes written by my family and friends.

I love giving them and I love receiving them.

Words fill my tank.

Words also empty me in a heart beat when they are handed out carelessly.  It takes a very long time to erase painful, carelessly spoken words that make their way into my heart.

But what about when I am the careless speaker, uttering hurtful, painful lies over my own soul? What if I am the one that thoughtlessly aims and fires those daggers? How many times I am the one that hurls insult at my already broken heart?

I’m not even going to list them- those lies.  I won’t give them one more moment of air.  And I’m guessing you don’t need any help in thinking up verbal daggers for yourself anyway.

Over and over I’ve told other people,  “Don’t speak about yourself that way!” I’ve said, “You would never speak that way about your child, (your best friend, your spouse, etc.) so don’t talk to yourself that way either.” I’ve even told my husband, “Hey, I have incredibly good taste, don’t insult me by talking about the man I love like that!”

You get the point! It’s easy to call it out in other people.

It’s time to start with me. And let me tell you, it’s hard to write the words that are about to flow from my fingers, but I’m going to let them out and then work on believing them- because deep down I do.

Dear Self,

Be kind. You are full of love and compassion. You walk in strength. You are faithful and steadfast in the love that you extend every day to your family. You are beautiful and you are brave and you are strong. Go easy on yourself, extend grace, learn to rest- you deserve it.

Success is not measured by speed or numbers. You succeed every day because you get up and walk in love. Success is not measured by perfection, in fact, the failures and obstacles have far more to teach you than the moments of creative perfection ever will. Watch, Listen, Learn.

You matter. There is no one who can touch the world with a finger print that is just like yours. No one can replace the love that you were intended to deposit on your journey. You are not a commodity, you are an irreplaceable gift.

You are loved.

The part of me that has listened to and spoken lies over myself, cringes a little bit to write what I know is really true.  But it’s been written. It’s been spoken. And words have the power to heal and transform.

Consider doing two things today.

  1. Speak truth to yourself. Write yourself a love letter.
  2. Speak truth to someone else. Write someone else a love letter.

And remember YOU ARE LOVED!


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