“There is Hope for You” by Isabelle Loux

This journey we have been on has been a family journey. I’m honored that my daughter Isabelle has chosen to share some of her feelings on the blog today that I hope will encourage you to believe that there is HOPE for your life. Please come back tomorrow for part 2.11947595_1126533064042821_7935977076854610690_n

To those who are ready to give up. Hold on a little longer, you are stronger than you believe. I’ve been in that place of complete hopelessness and weakness. It is terrifying to look at yourself in the mirror and only see a small trace of the person that is inside of you. The feeling of hanging on by a thread is a feeling that doesn’t seem like you could ever recover from. It feels like there isn’t a muscle left in your body and like your brain has grown into a weak machine that hardly operates.

I want to tell you something that you might not be able to believe right now but please, please try to take these words in.

YOU are strong. YOU are an amazing, beautiful creature. You may have forgotten who that person is, but I promise you can come to find them, they ARE in there. Do not seclude yourself, that is the place where the lies start to roll through your mind. Surround yourself with the people that love you. Go to those beautiful places that spark even the tiniest enjoyment in your heart. Make a list of all of the amazing, true things about yourself. Give yourself incredible amounts of grace; you don’t have to move mountains today. Just try to start with getting out of bed and going on a walk. Take care of your body and your brain will repay you. LOVE yourself more than you think necessary. You may have been through some messed up, broken things but YOU are not.

There is so much hope for you.


If you feel like life is too much and you’ve had thoughts about harming yourself or taking your life please reach out now. Don’t wait. Talk to someone who cares. Silence Hurts Us All


2 thoughts on ““There is Hope for You” by Isabelle Loux

  1. This is AMAZING, Isabelle! I’m remembering so many times when I wish someone would have said those words to me or that I could have read them. You are an extremely compassionate, wise, caring, funny and gifted young lady! I especially like “Love yourself more than you think necessary…” I often felt undeserving of love due to my past, unworthy. I could extend compassion, caring and love to others but hated myself due to the past and also due to being overweight. Hope Isabelle never stops writing!

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