Funeral Food

I was thinking about what to do for dinner on Friday (8/21). We set the day aside to be home together as a family and remember Mattie.

My lovely Amy is making bruch for us. We decided as a family that going out to eat that evening, being in public, would just be too hard. We decided take out would be in order since no one wants me to have to cook either.

In pondering take-out, and we still haven’t landed on this, we did determine that Jack Stack- one of Kansas Cities most popular BBQ spots and easy family style take out- is no longer an option for us. We made that mistake this summer and ordered it once.

It brought up all sorts of knots inside. One of us couldn’t even stay in the room while we ate because the smell was too big of a trigger.

Why? Why would we ever say “no” to this goodness.


Doesn’t make sense, does it?

But this was our “funeral food”- what we had brought in for the post funeral dinner for family and close friends. And now and forever it will always be funeral food. I drive by this place multiple times a week and the whoosh of smell is still a grief trigger.

So there you have it, without being too snarky, if you are planning a funeral dinner (and I’m sorry if you are), don’t choose food from one of your favorite restaurants and ruin it for life.


2 thoughts on “Funeral Food

  1. In light of this and your post about being nurtured, do you have any local friends who would be willing to bring by dinner for you? It seems like that would be a great way to support your family.

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