Where’s Waldo?


There is a terrifying panic that sets in when loss is greeted by the potential of more loss.

On Friday evening around 9PM our dog Waldo escaped unknowingly from our yard. We have been searching for 3 days non-stop and have exhausted all means of communication. We have reached out to local news (and are waiting), we have contacted shelters, vet clinics, pet finder groups, and utilized social media and Facebook groups. We have searched our neighborhood and surrounding areas, gone door to door, hunted through the thick woods around our house.

Waldo was a gift to our children when Mattie passed away. He was medicine to sad souls. He cuddled in when sadness hovered near. He was our “therapy dog”, excellent at serving up huge doses of “puppy love”.

As we approach the one year mark of Mattie’s death (August 21st), we really need our puppy back. Our Little ones do not need another loss. None of us do.

Please help us by liking our page on Facebook: “Where’s Waldo: Missing Therapy Dog”

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.26.28 PM


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