Once Upon a Dream

She crawled under the rumpled sheets of her unmade bed. She laid her head on the pillow and prayed for sleep to come. Her heart spun with anxious thoughts and pain pressed in hard and fierce.  So much loss. The ache so deep. She breathed in, praying that the nightmares would stop.

The swirl came and she felt her body sink into the comfort of the place called her bed, she breathed once more and slipped into the depths.

She found herself carried to that place where the spirit wakes, fully alive under the weight of the body’s rest.

Light surrounded her, sound and beauty, color and form, and she narrowed her focus to a particularly bright spot in the forest.

She approached, her head tilted to the side. Her eyes narrowed, focusing in on what seemed familiar and sweet.

She heard hushed tones, whispers. The mist swirled around her ankles and she felt like she was walking on air.

She saw them.

The two of them.

They were seated on a mossy log, she could see their forms take shape before her very eyes. The mist began to clear.

She lowered herself, and sat quietly. It felt sacred, and she knew she was only an invited spectator.

As the mist fully settled, she gasped. And with that gasp her heart filled with love and light and strength.

She saw him from the back. His brown curls were glowing, his form was sturdy and strong, the tilt of his head so familiar. She saw the slope of his cheek from the side and she knew for sure.

It was him.

His arm was fixed firmly around a little girl, her spirit was so light and pure, radiant.

He leaned in close to her and he whispered.

She leaned forward so she could hear,

“Oh let me tell you about them! You’re going to love them. And they are going to love you. They are so good, so very very good. Take care of them for me.”

And that was it. A whisper. A promise.

And love swirled all about, wrapping her deeply as her spirit returned and her sleeping body soaked it all in.

She awoke.

And she knew.

Love was sending Love.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Hibberd

This dream was a gift to our family. And the reality of it has entered our lives. Millie is here. Love sent Love. Spoken into being by her Creator just days after our Mattie Love passed into Eternity. Our Millie Love was sent- a gift, one we will treasure every moment of every day. 


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Dream

  1. That gave me goose bumps… So awesome! Happy that Millie brings all of you so much joy. She is absolutely precious.

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