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Welcome Mildred Elizabeth

Every life is miraculous and beautiful and sacred. But there is nothing quite like watching life come from life that once was born of you.

I have a granddaughter.

My son Nicholas and his amazing wife Amy welcomed a daughter on May 19th.

And I became “Noni”.


And she is perfect.


A reflection of a great big love between two beautiful people.


I sat on the floor outside the birthing room, and I listened as love labored life into this world.

Powerful love.

I heard the first sound of new life.

The cry that comes from lungs inhaling deeply and independently for the first time.

And then I heard the laughter and the sweet sound of voices speaking love over this dear girl. Voices will whisper truth and hope and destiny into her little ears for years and years to come.

Tears ran down my face and I breathed in deeply the presence of Love itself. For what can be said about the promise of new life. The hope of a beautiful future. The miracle of child born into so much love that it is indeed palpable.










Can you feel it?

The Love.

It runs deep.

Oh Millie. My darling Mildred Elizabeth, forever you are loved.



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