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“The Buddy of Christ”

I’m going to preface this by saying that I believe with all my heart that sometimes God speaks to His children in very clear concise ways so that others can be encouraged or comforted. I also think that for those who hear from God in this way, “hearing” is a gift that should be treasured and guarded. I’ve seen and heard plenty in my day when it comes to hearing from God. There are times when it is best to be silent and simply pray when you  feel you have”heard from God” about someone’s life, but there are times when speaking is absolutely the most loving choice. It takes a wise individual to know the difference. 


So the other day I wrote this on Facebook:

And then something like this happens:

So at Chick-fil-A tonight a man near us motioned to me and commented on how sweet Aiden was and that Aiden had waved at him etc…. we had a little small talk, but I got the sense he was headed somewhere with his conversation……. eventually he said, “As I saw your family, I sensed a feeling of deep loss, but knew to tell you that you would heal. And I heard the laughter of a child in heaven over you.” ‪#‎missingyouson‬ ‪#‎mattielaughs‬

So there it was. WOW! Words. Just so encouraging and comforting in the midst of our grief and pain.

We chatted there in Chick-fil-A for a few moments with this gentleman and his wife. I found his wife on Facebook and discovered they were pastors of a church about 30 minutes away.

I wrote to them later that evening and thanked him for sharing with us and being brave enough to reach out, and I sent a picture of Mattie.


A few days passed and he connected with me again and asked if he could send me an audio clip that expounded on the thoughts and feelings from our meeting at Chick-fil-A. 

I gladly received it and listened this morning in the quiet of my living room after the children were off to school.

I nearly fell off my chair, hearing it again, in more detail.

I need to share this with you.

This is what was sent to me today:

I walk in and sit down next to you guys.

And immediately it’s like I saw that you all carry an atmosphere of the Father’s heart. It’s like this parental dimension of God’s heart. But the best way I can explain it, is this atmosphere that is conducive, that really emanates the Father’s heart and the Father’s love.

I sat down and was thinking, “What is this?”.

And then Aiden waved at me and I thought, “That is so precious and sweet,” and I teared up.

Then I saw your husband, and I saw this mantle of a psalmist, and I could see you unraveling poetry, coming right out of your gut, Like John 7:38 “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” So I could see poetry flowing out. I could see this flow of life. It was real unique because what I saw was this inverse type perspective where you were able to see such life and such pain. Where you were able to see such depth and such struggle. Where you were able to see such meaning in the midst of perplexing, paradoxical type situations that should break people down, but you were able to find beauty. I felt like all this was stirring in you. The first thing I could see was a guitar that was being played and I thought to myself, “Man, this guy is tremendous, not just musically but in the heart.”

And this was all in a millisecond, and then as I scanned over your family, thinking, “What is it about this family?” And the first thing that I saw was that you had- I knew within the last year, maybe even 6-9 months before- that you had been through some kind of a major loss. And knew in my spirit, I saw you guys, struggling to mourn. Like it was a blindside.

But in this great loss, I felt like God was saying “NOPE, I’m not going to let depression settle in. I’m not going to let hopelessness settle in. I’m going to heal this situation.” God was saying, “I’m going to heal.”

Well, at that time in my spirit I just dig in and was like “Well what is this huge loss? Is it a job? Is it a house? Is it a…” And the best way I can explain it is before I even heard anything technically, I saw, almost in a vision, Jesus in different places in heaven, almost like a real fast forward video of him in different places. And there was a child that was with him. And this child it was almost like he was being spoiled. It was like he had special access to certain things. Almost like people weren’t allowed to go in here, go in there, but you’re just a little baby, you can go in, you can access all these things.

Interjection from me: What I want you to know is that the language of these words is very specific to our family. We joked often about how Mattie could get whatever he wanted because, well because he was “Mattie”. We considered him the “center of attention”, and yes, joked about him being “spoiled”, only it wasn’t much of a joke. One time I gave him a time out, ONE TIME, mind you. It looked like this! 


So to say he could “access anything”, you must understand what it is like to have a child like this. A child who stole our hearts, changed our lives, gave us more than we could have ever given him. 

Loux Family 090

And he continued……..

And I had this thing, like there is a child that’s gone to be with Jesus and Jesus gave him access. I could hear him, laughing in a real clear, distinctive laughter. It was really clear and I felt like the clarity of his voice was very significant. And the fact that he had a voice, and there was like this atmosphere of joy just flowing right out of him. It was so cute because the best way I can explain is, that he was best friends with Jesus.

As you know Mattie was only able to “talk” on rare occasions. For a brief period of time, he could talk or “sing” or laugh over the vent. Mostly he sang. It was precious and didn’t last long because as he outgrew the vent, he was no longer able to make sound. One of the things I have thought about the most as I think about heaven, is that Mattie can talk, can sing, can laugh. So to have this man emphasize the clarity of Mattie’s voice was HUGE. 


And he went on…..

Jesus was walking with this child and he was holding his hand, and it was like this “best friend” friendship. This child was an adventurer! At the time I couldn’t tell the gender (he or she), but obviously now you have told us it was your son. In the vision, I couldn’t make it out, but what I sensed in heaven was that the child was made of the same nature as Christ. It’s hard to explain, I’m not trying to bunny trail here, but it was the strangest little detail that I remembered. It was like what gender is this child, well no, this child is like Christ. He belongs to Jesus.

Again I must share. The love and adoration that we had for this little boy is unparalleled. We would almost joke and say, “Son, I know it’s sacrilegious and all, but you are quite like the Christ child.” We would in biblical language tell him he was “the fairest of 10,000” and we nick-named him “son of sons”. 

I mean, come on, do you see what I mean?


And then…..

This child has special access. Almost like he was his right hand man, like the right hand man of Christ. (Chuckle) I know that’s not technically a position, and I’m not trying to create bad doctrine here, but it was like Jesus said, “Come on, you’re my Buddy and I’m gonna hold your hand!” And I could hear this child laugh, I could hear laughter and I knew that it had to do with you.

I about FELL OFF MY CHAIR!!!! He could have had NO IDEA that our sweet son was called “Buddy” by Aiden, ALWAYS, as well as us, much of the time.

As a matter of fact, the term “Buddy” is only used at our house in reference to Mattie. Aiden stops us quickly (and always has) if anyone else is even momentarily called “buddy”


And I say all that to say, yes I saw all this, but it’s not until I can stop and kind of study that panoramic picture as my mentor puts it, to explain what I see and more is drawn out. But basically this child is the “Buddy of Christ”, not the Body, but the BUDDY. He’s Jesus’ Buddy. It was like this comforting thing that there was a voice that could be heard, a voice that could be understood, a voice that could be used speak to Christ, and he and Jesus communicated a whole lot.


I felt like this whole thing has been used to set a fire in me to share these types of visuals, but I felt it infused me with a lot of insight on how close heaven is to us, how close an answer from heaven it to us and how powerful one snippet of perspective from heaven’s view, what all it can make a difference. The church of heaven and the church of earth are so connected, and your little guy is now the church of heaven, and he’s connected to the church of the earth. And I felt like in this case, God was wanting to comfort you.


So let this be an encouragement to you, as it has been to us. God is there. He is listening. And sometimes, He brings heaven to earth, if but for a moment to give us hope.

Our deepest thanks to Pastor Ceasar Nieto, who we now are blessed to call friend. 

Thank you for loving bravely. 

Much Love,

The Loux family

14 thoughts on ““The Buddy of Christ”

  1. That simply leaves me with goosebumps!! I give thanks to God that this Pastor followed the Lord’s direction and connected first through Aiden and then to you, telling you what he saw of Mattie! I believe this is divine and of God (as I know you do!) due to the specific language and imagery that God gave this wonderful Godly man! I pray for you, Loux family that this encourages your aching grieving heart and I know you all are also being used as a living vessel to minister to other hurting people and bring hope to those that may be lost! Hugs and prayers!

  2. I am so happy that this man was willing to be used by God. So many times we just brush things off because of social awkwardness. Look at the message straight from The Throne to your heart! God loves us so deeply, so very deeply! Mattie’s personality is the same in Heaven as it was here, so he obviously has brought much joy and is JESUS’ BUDDY. It only makes sense! ❤️

  3. I wept reading that whole thing. When I got to the part where he called him a Buddy, I gasped! Clearly God sees, He hears, and He KNOWS. Our current reality is but a ripple in the oceans of eternity. Thank you so much for sharing! This has deeply affected me. Blessings to you.

  4. such a beautiful story and a real life story of how God intertwines us in such beautiful ways. Jesus continues to use his Buddy to bring us closer to him. Sometimes it is in our dreams where we see Mattie’s beautiful face and sometimes it is in strangers that soon are friends. Thank you for sharing your story, which is now our story too!

  5. Jesus’s Buddy—It always amazes me how God uses others to show his love and care. I call them divine appointments. I am sure that Mattie has left his mark on others to love more in the way that Jesus loves us.

  6. This is so beautiful and thank you for sharing it here with us. What a beautiful vision this man had and I am so glad he talked to you. ((Hugs))

  7. And this is the Father’s love displayed once again! Absolutely precious , thank you for sharing! Ox

  8. I am glad he gave you this gift. I have also lost a son, so I know the grief and pain. Even though you know he is in heaven that doesn’t mean you don’t miss the times, smiles and laughter you shared. What a blessing to have a glimpse of your baby…

  9. I’m blessed to have known Pastor Cesar as well. He certainly knows how to hear and give the Word of the Lord in due season. Thankful that God blessed you through him.

  10. Amazing… tears, sniffles, trying to hold it back and not let the kids see me… thank you for sharing. God is just so amazing…

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