Child Loss · Grief · Storytelling

Tell the Truth


Everyone has a story. Not everyone tells the truth about the story they are living.

I believe that there is power in telling the truth about the story that is your life. This is why I write. My story is my truth. It’s a truth people need to hear. It’s a truth that has the power to teach, the power to comfort, the power to encourage. My truth has the power to invite the lonely into the warm place of being understood.

I’m about to get even more honest here because I believe there is power in an honest journey.

And I hope in my journey to tell the truth, to live an honest life before you, I will give you courage as you live your own story. And maybe, just maybe you’ll find the words to begin telling your own truth. Maybe not on paper, maybe in the quiet of your living room with a trusted friend, maybe with that lonely soul you encounter at a coffee shop, maybe with a mother in tears at the park, maybe on the phone with someone you’ve been hiding from. I don’t know how or when or where you will find the courage to share your truth but I pray that you will.

And as we all find the words to our story may we each be brave enough to open our mouth or put pen to paper so no one ever need to feel alone in their own story.


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