Happy Birthday, My Son

 This is about all I can muster up at the moment, but there will be more to come.

We are celebrating Mattie’s 4th Birthday today, breathing in and out, celebrating the gift that we were given and mourning deeply that he is not here.

October 20, 2010


October 20, 2011



October 20, 2012



October 20, 2013



Almost 4



Oh son, I celebrate your life every moment of every day.

I wake up and breathe in the pain and the miracle all at the same time.

My heart will be forever changed.

You gave and gave and gave, and you left your very spirit emblazoned on my heart.

I’m certain today that all of heaven is rejoicing and celebrating the silly brown eyed boy with the wild curls that blow in heaven’s breeze.

I’m certain today, the angels are rolling back their heads in laughter at the crazy faces you make as you chase them down.

I’m certain the Father of All has tossed you in the air just like your earthly father did and is whispering beautiful love songs in your ear.

I just wish I could see it all.

I wish there was not this great divide between heaven and earth.

Until that day, I close my eyes…… and I love you.


If you would like to celebrate with us,  I would ask you to take a photo today with a cupcake, a balloon or a pinwheel to wish our little man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Use ‪#‎happybirthdaymattie‬ please on Instagram or Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, My Son

  1. Happy Birthday sweet Mattie!! I think I will have a cupcake in honor of this handsome fellow today. Much love sent to you and your hearts today!

  2. His cuteness is just overwhelming, and I’m sure God and everyone else in heaven thinks so, too. He is being celebrated both on Earth and in heaven! Happy birthday, little man.

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