Leaving Normal

Leaving Normal Sign

There is nothing normal about any of this, yet normal rages all around me.

I’m walking around in a “normal” world with a gapping hole in my heart.

I get on Facebook and the “normal” world makes my head spin.

I walk around Target, I stop to get gas, I go to the gym. All normal things in my very abnormal world.

I can’t watch the news.

I have no space in my brain for politics or ethical controversies.

I have to do normal things.

I have to make dinner and run the vacuum.

I have to try to run a business.

I have to help kids with homework and take them to swimming lessons and gymnastics.

I have to take a shower and get dressed.

I have to get kids on the bus on time.

And some days those normal things make me want to scream.

Normal RAGES all around me.

They tell me I will find my “new normal”.

I assume they are right.

I sure haven’t even come close to finding it yet.

I left “normal” 2 months ago.

And I feel like it’s going to be a long journey to find my new home.





4 thoughts on “Leaving Normal

  1. Know you are still supported with lots of prayer, Tracie; and give yourself time. Grief is not a quick process.

  2. My heart goes out to you. I often dream of you (like last night) and when I do, I pray for you and your family. Love you, little sister.

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