Breath of Love

I breathed breath into your lungs, watching your chest slowly rise and fall.

I had breathed for you so many time before. Watched your lungs fill with air, because my hands gave them breathe.

But your heart. Your heart was your own. Always yours.

You gave it freely. You poured out love from deep within. Never holding back.

Your love was fierce.

You never needed me to remind you to love.

You just loved. Every minute of every day. With every beat of your heart.


I remember it.

So clearly.

I looked into your eyes. I kissed your face.

I told you were brave and strong and kind and good.

I told you that I loved you.

I squeezed breath into your lungs until your heart stopped.

And then they tried.

But your heart had slipped into a place that was so full of love that you became love.

You abide in Love. You linger in the breathe of Love.

So now, I breathe even more deeply than before.


Loux Family 039

Photo Courtesy of Aaron James  2012


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