In every corner of my house there are reminders of you.

Your bath toys.
Oxygen tanks.
Your walker.
Your highchair.
Your books and toys.
Baby food in the refrigerator.
Shoes on the floor.
Your clothes in the hamper.
Your wheelchair in the van.

In every corner of my mind there are pictures of you.

The way you crawled across the floor.
The way you peeked around the corner.
The way you reached up for me to hold you.
The way you laughed so hard you couldn’t hold your head.
The way you turned the pages of our stories.

I inhale and I breathe in scents that were uniquely you.

I close my eyes and I feel the way you touched my face. Your hair brushing across my cheek.  Your head resting on my chest.

In every corner. In every moment.
I still feel you.


5 thoughts on “Corners

  1. Father, be with this family as they learn to temporarily live without Mattie. Hold them close and let them feel Your love.

  2. Dear Tracie and Family,

    I think of you all every day. And I grieve with you for the loss of your beautiful son.
    I started following you about 2 years ago via a story on another site. I was instantly drawn to Mattie and his story. I don’t know why. Last summer (2013) when he was ill in hospital I was on holidays with my family. I checked in on him via your site every day and the relief when he finally went home! I have two boys and my youngest has a long term illness. Maybe there was something familiar about another mother sharing her doctor’s visits and hospital stays.

    I am an athiest but I do believe that there is a spiritual element to our existence which cannot be explained. This is down to experiences I’ve had in my life and the very much down to Mattie Loux who I know was a very special young man with a very special purpose/mission. His short life re-ignited that belief in me.

    I wish you peace Tracie, and that you will continue to feel Mattie all around you and with you.

    Best wishes

    Tracie Hughes,
    Dublin, Ireland.

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