Celebrating My Son

Here are my remarks from yesterdays service


I’ve been writing a book about my children for the past few years. And in the preface it says……

I am writing a story that is still being written. I don’t even know how this story ends, but I am so grateful that it is being written and that the story of my life was woven into the story of the lives of the incredible children you are about to meet.

But this is not the ending I would have chosen for the story of the life of Matthias Samuel Loux.


But God is good and His mercy endures forever.

Once there was a child, formed in his mother’s womb.

Created by God.

Fearfully and wonderfully.

Before he breathed his first breath,

His Maker knew him.

He called him by name.

He breathed LIFE over Matthias.

He dreamed a dream,

And Matthias became.

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Nothing was hidden from Him.

The One who created Matthias saw it all.

He began writing. A story. His story.

A story called “Matthias.”

As He penned each word,

He was pleased.

And then He sat back and watched the story become all that He dreamed it could be.

He laughed.

He cried.

He took great delight in watching his destiny come to life.

He watched every step.

Even from afar, He saw Matthias.

And He delighted in him.

He directed him.

Protecting him in front and behind.

His hand was upon Matthias.

He kept him steady.

He was the light that led Matthias’ way.

He held out His hand, and He never let go.

He sat back, eager to enjoy the story unfold.

Knowing every word from beginning to end, yet still, He delighted in his journey.

The wonderful works of His hand.

Free to become everything He created him to be.

Dancing into His story.


I don’t understand why my son’s story changed on August 21st.

14 months ago, we watched our son’s heart stop. And we got a miracle.

This time. His heart stopped. And it never started beating again.

But for Matthias it was just the beginning.

Today my son can walk, and dance, and run.

He can sing and he can laugh…… so loud it shakes the heavens.

My son has no scars, no pain, no tubes, no wires.

No machines beeping in the night.


Here is what I am CELEBRATING today…….

3 ½ year of life with the most amazing child on the planet. A child who changed me. Anchored me. Steadied my heart during so many storms. A child who could still my heart and steady my breath with just a look and a smile.

I am celebrating the child who taught me how to breathe.

I want to thank each of you for being here.

You are here because Matthias touched your life in some way.

Some of you only know him through Facebook, some of you dear precious ones have cared for him as your very own through sickness and in health, some of you have taught him and helped him reach milestones that are to this day miracles, every one.

But you are here because you are changed. We are all changed.

Changed by a story that God wrote about a boy named Matthias Samuel Loux.

I promised my son yesterday that I would keep on living. That I would keep breathing.

I promised him that I would walk through whatever the rest of the story God is writing for my life.

And I ask each of you, to live and breathe and walk, and hold close to you the lessons that my son’s life has taught you.



Thank you all for listening, caring, loving us, and letting us walk out this journey of grief.

We feel your love and prayers.


10 thoughts on “Celebrating My Son

  1. Such beautiful words, a beautiful story and I am so thankful that you had these 3 1/2 beautiful years with a true warrior. May his memory make you smile and his gift of life leave you happy. Thank you for sharing his life with all of us, we are better people because even though I haven’t actually ever met Mattie, I have had the pleasure of feeling his strength and love. May he sing with the angels and run like the wind.

  2. Dear Tracie…that photo of you kissing your sweet boy….no words for such grief, such love. Thank you for allowing us to share even a tiny piece of your grief but especially for sharing Mattie and the rest of your family with us! It has been an honor to pray for you all, to witness the everyday joy that Mattie brought to this world, his wonderful expressions that said so much, his love of life and his beloved family. You gave each other so much!
    Mattie, you are healed now….you run, laugh, talk, dance, breathe freely as you are held be your Creator. How wonderful it must be to look into each other’s eyes! I imagine He greeted you with a big hug and the words, “Well done, my son! I love you. Don’t worry…I will continue to take care of your beloved family for I love them even more than you do if you can imagine that. You will see them again…and spend eternity with them. Until then, WELCOME HOME, MATTHIAS SAMUEL LOUX!”
    Fly high, Mattie. One day I will be honored to meet you!
    Praying for you and your family, Tracie…

  3. A beautiful, hope-filled tribute. I’m confident God will continue to use Mattie’s life and legacy for His glory. Thanks for sharing your son with us.

  4. Hope, Faith, and LOVE. The greatest of these is LOVE, and you my sister in CHRIST are a beautiful example! I am speechless with your photo of such transparency and pure love in action! Thank you for sharing Matties story and thank you for sharing your heart!
    LOVE, HUGS, and always in PRAYER!

  5. We have never met, but I saw your profile in my own adoption search. I am so very sorry for your loss, but I rejoice with you that your son Matthias is with The Lord and is 100% PERFECT in every way. I will continue to remember you in my prayers as I know this grief journey will be a long process. Heather League

  6. Tracie – We heard only today or your son becoming a heavenly angel. We wish you peace and comfort as you grieve the loss of his presence on earth. We know Matthias will always be in your heart and the hearts of so many he has touched. May his smile continue to inspire you in your work for all the “angels” on earth!
    God Bless you,
    Charlotte and Maxine

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