The Marks of My History


Stretch marks. These are mine.

As I lost weight, they actually became more visible.

My health journey has never been about becoming more beautiful.

I’ve always felt that feeling beautiful comes from a place in my spirit, not from my reflection in the mirror.

So as my health journey progressed, and I began to workout and see muscles develop where I had never had them before, I had to come to a reckoning of sorts with the the fact that my lower tummy will always look somewhat like this.

And I am 100% ok with that.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t trade those scars for the world.

Because those scars represent these three incredible treasures.

As a my beautiful friend Jennifer said to me today, “We carry the marks of our history.”

My history looks like this.

Loux Family 047


And those marks tell a story that I’ve been watching unfold in their lives for 22 years now.

Treasure those marks you bear, Precious Women.

Don’t despise them.

Bear them with joy.

Growing life is a big deal.

My stomach will always have a little sag with the beautiful lines that show that it was once full of life.

It is my history.



3 thoughts on “The Marks of My History

  1. This is what I’m talking about! I love love love your stretch marks. I love that you have a rockin awesome body! Those things aren’t what make you one of the most beautiful people that I know. You’re the best Tracie. Thank you for sharing.

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