I am comfortable in my own skin.

No make up.

3 days with no shower.

Just me.

I’m finally ok with me, and it has nothing to do with my appearance.

It has to do with what I am uncovering on the inside.

I couldn’t have said this and probably wouldn’t have shared a photo like this a year ago.

I remember a photo I posted on Instagram back in January, I was headed to the gym and my sister commented, “You’re going to the GYM! Why do you have MAKE UP on!”

I may have said, “Oh it’s just a little mascara,” but in reality it was probably a little more than that.

I can remember one time I accidentally went to Target without make up and was mortified.

I prayed no one I know would see me.

Do I have a problem with women wearing make up? Nope. I wear it all the time.

What is sad though, very sad, is that for years, I didn’t feel pretty without it. For years, it was to cover up layers upon layers of insecurity.

The longer I’ve been on this journey of reclaiming my health and learning to take care of ME, the more I realize that I like ME.

I really like me.

Who I am.

Just me.

10517465_10152253996303595_1177587294830057316_n   10516812_10152252126793595_137416035228776624_n   10417462_10152252032608595_8668774967150769722_n 10440739_10152163371753595_4787269995561900813_n


I’m a good mother. I love, I care, I fight hard, I listen, I give, I speak, I touch, I hold, I share, I reach in.

That is the ME that they need and love.

10488362_10152249714433595_4964755037741124658_n  10374873_10152235180748595_3814594907474912308_n

I’m a good wife.

I love him and he loves me. He could care less if I’m all made up or have a bandana on my head.

I am his friend. I love. I give. I listen. I care. I make him laugh. I get him. I speak words of hope over his heart. I believe in him.

That is the ME that he needs and loves.



I am at what I do with my hands.

I work hard. I give hard. I serve well. I believe these things to be true about myself.

I am passionate, creative, committed, determined.

It is OK to be confident in who you are.

And somedays I forget to take a shower and sit down to work because it is part of WHO I am.



I took this last photo just minutes after my 7 year old told me, “Mom, you’re so beautiful.”

Crazy hair, no make up, jammies on…. BEAUTIFUL.

This made me happy on a 100 different levels, but mainly because I am raising daughters whose definition of BEAUTY is spot on.

So let me talk to you. Listen carefully.

You are beautiful. You are a treasure. You are valuable.

If when I say those words, you do not believe them, then you need to find out what lies you’ve been feeding your soul.

As I transformed my outside this year, I have also transformed my inside.

My spirit.

My mind.

It has taken as long as the outer transformation.

But it is there.

It is real.

I am happy to be me.







7 thoughts on “Me

  1. That brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. You are a beautiful woman of God, Tracie Loux. I’ve been reading Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge. I’m on that road you’ve traveled. I’m pressing on.

  2. Thank you for this. I have struggled with the same insecurities. I am learning, but our culture has done a number on my head. But you are beautiful. I see the picture you have on your profile and I just see a nice lady all made up. I see the other pictures without makeup and I see a happy Momma to busy loving her life to be worried about fake perfection. Now…. if I could only be so brave. 🙂

  3. God’s timing is always perfect. The enemy hit me hard tonight, and all of my insecurities came in flooding my soul. And then I opened up my phone and read your post. And even though I am not feeling it 100%, your words kept me from going over the brink. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. I needed today. love you ps I hope you don’t mind I shared on our group running page 😀

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