Remembering the Miracle


One year ago, we sat at our son’s beside and prayed for a miracle.

Today our living breathing miracle is playing on the family room floor making zurbbles with his lips, laughing, and blowing spit bubbles.

We lived a MIRACLE.

I wrote this last year after Mattie’s miraculous recovery.

I’m hoping that someone today needs to read this.

Dear Friend,

I may not know you. It is possible that we have never met. But you’ve been reading this story. Captivated by it and drawn in for some reason. I’m real about my fears and my faith. And they sometimes collide.

You watched us pray for a miracle. You might have doubted. So did I.

In the same day I prayed for miracles and read words of hope and life over my son, I also planned his funeral in my head.

You listened to me talk about God’s love and it intrigued you. Maybe even confused you.

You’re not sure God is real. Or maybe you think perhaps He is out there, but you don’t have time for Him; and you’re certain He doesn’t have time for you.

You’ve walked through too much pain. Seen too much injustice. You’ve be alone. And you question where He could possibly be in the middle of it all. And even if He is there, you feel too messed up to find Him. Like you’ve made too many mistakes for Him to even look at you.

Deep down you kind of want to believe, but you’re afraid of what believing might look like.

We all long for a Savior. A Rescuer. A Deliverer. All of creation cries out to be rescued. Look at the stories and the movies that have captivate our attention for years and years. We want to believe. We want to believe there is a “Superman” defending the weak, rescuing the downtrodden. We want to believe that there is a “Gandalf”, ready to lead us and bring peace. We want to believe that Jean Valjean will find us in the gutter, sweep us up into his arms and carry us to safety, nurse us back to health. Love us as his very own.

We want to believe there is a Savior.

I found Him. He is real.

He defends me. He has recused me. He leads me. He brings peace to my storm. He swept me out of the gutter and nursed me back to health. He calls me His own.

I’m not religious, if religion means following a set of rules or adhering to a list of principals so that I will somehow allowed into heaven.

I’m not good enough.

None of us are.

But I have found love.

I hold fast to my relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s about love and friendship. He points me to the Father. A God who loves and forgives, who teaches and leads. His Spirit instructs me, whispers to my heart, heals me.

He is available.



The miracle of Mattie is one miracle. A big one to me. But ultimately it is just one.

There is a God who breathed and spoke and life came out of his Words.

He said that it was good.

A miracle.

He is a big God, a laughing, loving, full of life God.

He created so He would have someone to love. Someone who would love Him back.

A miracle.

Sin entered the world. Mankind chooses to sin day after day. We make horrible choices. We hurt each other.

But He made a way for us to be reconciled, forgiven, set free.

He sent His Son, who lived and walked among us. It wasn’t an easy life, but He chose to come into it so that He might fully know us, understand our struggles, feel our pain. He was despised, rejected, scorned. Even those who chose to love Him, doubted Him from time to time, denied Him even when they knew the truth.

And He died. It is not a fairy tale. It was real. You know you want to believe it was real.

That a man would throw His life away for yours.

Pay the price for you. To set you free.

I didn’t deserve it. Neither do you.

It is such an extravagant gift that there is simply nothing we could ever do to earn it.

He planned it that way.

It’s an invitation to a miracle.

And simply stated, He just wants you to say “Yes” to the miracle.

Believing that He is love, and that He sent His Son to reflect that love and give you life (John 3:16)

Admitting that you need His love, and that sin is separating you from Him. (Romans 3:23)

Accepting that a redemptive act of mercy, an ultimate sacrifice had to be made so that you could step into freedom. The death of His son. (Romans 5:8)

Opening your heart, saying “Yes”, and letting Him in. (Romans 10:13)

A miracle.

All you have to do is ask.

Father, I believe that you love me and that you sent your Son to give me life. I need you so desperately. I hate being alone. Please forgive me and make me new. I open my heart and ask you to come in. Thank you for giving Your Son’s life so that I could become Your child. Lead me, teach me, heal me. Amen


If you prayed this prayer, I would love to know about it so that I can pray for you. Please email us at mattiebreathes@gmail.com.


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