Through this journey into wellness I have been keenly aware of the triune nature of our beings: we are body, soul and spirit.

There is no denying it. Interwoven, interconnected, a swirling mist of humanity ebbing and flowing, unable to be separated.

Try as you may, you cannot neglect one part of your being without the others being deeply impacted.

You cannot carry grief of the soul without the body feeling the weight and pain of that grief.

You cannot walk with a spirit that is uncared for without your soul suffering under the pressure of sorrow and sadness.

You cannot walk around in a body that is neglected through poor nutrition, lack of physical fitness, or wracked with pain and sickness without your spirit feeling heavy as well.

When I found courage to start taking care of my physical body, I quickly discovered that the impact was intense on both my spirit and my soul.

I began to feel free again.

There is no magic formula for this, but for years and years I cared for my spirit and cultivated my soul but the neglect of my body was literally wrapping chains around my heart and causing my spirit to be weighted down.

As I took the first steps to find freedom for the physical pain in my body, everything loosened up and I began to experience freedom in so many other ways too.


Freedom to love and be loved.

Freedom to be real with my feeling and express my heart without shame.

Freedom to relate to God in new and fresh ways.

Freedom to “live and move and have my being.” (Acts 17:28)


This photo taken in a mirror is just a reflection of something way bigger than what you see in my body. The transformation on the inside that you cannot see is far more significant to me.

Feeling strong and alive and having energy for life carries more weight than anything! The number on the scale is just a number. The size of my jeans is just a number.

The joy in my heart, the life in my spirit, the peace and confidence in my soul….those things are who I am and why I keep sharing about this journey I am on.


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