“My Story”- Guest Blogger, John Loux


“I won’t hospitalize you yet, but we are getting REALLY close. I need you to talk to someone if you continue to have thoughts of hurting yourself.”

Those were my doctors words to me just one year ago.

It was bad. Really bad. And everything was crashing in around me. Just a couple of years earlier, my brother had died in a tragic car accident. Shortly after that, I had seen our newly adopted son, Mattie, on death’s door so many times I could not count. His whole first year in the hospital, subsequent trips back and forth with tragic illnesses, watching the doctors & nurses revive him numerous times.

All of my past failures, whether it be in my career, morally, or surrounding relationships were overwhelming me. Addiction was rearing it’s ugly head again and I just wanted out. I was heavy, dark and disconnected.  I took the meds he gave me that day, but as many of you know, the side effects were pretty intense. They may have kept me from doing something drastic, but living with them was not really living at all.

Something had to change.

I had to fight for myself and my family.

Many view Isagenix as a weight loss program. It’s not. Weight loss is only one side effect of nutritional cleansing and superfood maintenance. When you cleanse the body on a cellular level, eliminate crap food from your diet, and put whole super-foods in, the body begins to heal itself like God intended.

Isagenix actually means “Perfected by God”. (The root “isa” is Arabic for “Jesus”, and the root “genix”  means “perfected”.)

For me, it was not the pounds lost so much (thought that was nice) as it was the clarity of mind. It’s like somebody turned on a switch in me that had been off for a really long time. My hope was back. I was able to deal with my issues and dream again. I had energy and focus for my wife and kids.  Somebody asked me the other day if I sold Isagenix. I’m not interested in “selling” anything, trust me. I spent 20 years in some kind of a sales related job, and I’m SO over that. However, I WILL share my story and the power of these amazing products.

Did Isagenix save me?

Well I have an “after” picture, my kids have a dad and my wife has a husband, so yeah, I would say it did.




8 thoughts on ““My Story”- Guest Blogger, John Loux

  1. Reblogged this on thebellybuster and commented:
    Amazing personal journey told from someone who experienced so much darkness, but in the end was able to see the light thanks to their newfound health and life!

    “Many view Isagenix as a weight loss program. It’s not. Weight loss is only one side effect of nutritional cleansing and superfood maintenance. When you cleanse the body on a cellular level, eliminate crap food from your diet, and put whole super-foods in, the body begins to heal itself like God intended.”

  2. John it was your original testimony back in August or Sept 2013 that convinced me I needed to try one more time! I was tired of doctors, weight loss hoax and medications with side effects! The most wonderful news ever is that Jesus died and already suffered for us and all we had to do is come to him! What he began in us he will complete!
    My heart skipped a few beats when I read what Isagenix name ment! I created an email account a few years ago. It’s PerfectedbyGod@sbcglobal.net How cool is that! I stopped using it because I was getting so much gross mail to it and created a new one. I think I’m going to use it again!
    Lord you know how to connect us with You and also with our brothers and sisters in Christ! To you Lord we give ALL the glory!

  3. Just read this post and I want to tell you I’m inspired! I use Isagenix too and I treasure the support I receive. I not only feel like I’m nourishing my body, but am attracting supportive, like-minded people which is priceless! Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love you, John Robert. Praise God for saving you and for showing a way to freedom. Thanks for sharing and being will to be transparent.
    God is so faithful. Much love to you and your sweet family!

  5. Hi, I’m “friends” with Tracie on facebook and just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing YOUR story as well! I identify with it because over the past several years, off and on I have been to that “dark place” and it IS indeed a dark and scary place! I have a history of childhood trauma, also have some current family issues involving addiction that have been very painful. I am considered “morbidly obese” although I am told the classic line of “you carry it well.” I am on medication for depression and I DO feel better than I did but I am not a medication person –hate putting that crap in my body and yet I eat junk food. Go figure! I hope at some point to be able to afford isagenix and at least see if it can POSSIBLY make any difference for me!

  6. Thank you for always being so open, real and honest!! So many people supress their emotions because of fear of being judges especially by Christians. The reality is no one is perfect and we are judged by God with the same measure we judge others. We are NOT to judge anyone. We are to look in the mirror and examine our own hearts. So many times, that is too difficult to do because of pain, regret, shame, anger etc. We just want to “escape” reality. I appreciate both of you and your transparency. So thankful that you found a natural, healthy way of life besides medication (although at times they are needed) to give you hope to live and be the husband and father that God intended for you to be. I always pray for you and your family and can’t wait to meet you in person one day. Blessings!!

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