Skinny Jeans and the Mission Field


I know people think crazy things when they see someone get serious about health, wellness, and fitness.

I’ve had people really happy for me, and I have people make some judgements too.

There is this kind of weird idea out there that sharing about health and fitness goals is somehow self-absorbed or prideful. Really?

Setting goals, whether it be weight loss goals or fitness goals, represents getting to a place of wanting CHANGE, setting pride aside and saying,  I NEED CHANGE!!

It’s not easy. It’s hard work. It requires focus, determination, and overcoming obstacles.

Am I prideful about it? NO

Am I Happy. Yes! Joyful. Yes!

Do I feel confident! YES! Does it feel inherently GOOD to have set a goal and achieved it. ABSOLUTELY!

But Confidence and Pride are not the same thing! Don’t mistake them!

Everything I am doing and sharing about our family and our journey to amazing health has been because I want to see others set free too.

I’m not out there stalking people, or pounding on doors, or nagging about it.

I’m sharing a story and inviting you to come along. Inviting you to a place of CHANGE!

I wouldn’t care at all, except that I DO CARE!!  I care deeply.

What I’m saying is that if I didn’t love and care for people they way that I do, I wouldn’t be doing this.

It’s not about ME!

But I’ve found too much HOPE to keep my mouth shut.

I’m sharing a journey. Not twisting your arm.

It’s a journey from death to life. From despair to hope. From bondage to freedom.

It’s a journey that has taken me from exhausted, sick, emotionally spent, and worn out beyond belief…… to THRIVING.

I’m sleeping well. I wake up pain free and full of energy for my day. I love my family better with a happy heart.

My husband is a different man. He is free from depression and anxiety. He is full of hope and life. He is active and engaged in our family in new ways.

And we are both more spiritually alive than we have been in a long time.

This journey has been one of BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.


Though there is nothing wrong with a person being happy to have finally gotten into a pair of great fitting jeans!

Of course I am happy to have lost over 30 pounds. Of course it’s nice to have clothes fit better.

BUT WHAT IS REALLY NICE IS….. not being out of breath when I play with my kids, not feeling like a truck wreck when I wake up in the morning, not being exhausted every night by 7PM, and knowing that I can live life to the fullest because I’ve taken care of the body that I’ve been given.

This is about being on a mission. Caring for our family with fullness of strength. Helping other families love and serve each other better. Giving to missions in bigger ways.

Everything we do directly impacts the health and wellness of adoptive families, supports people in adoption ministry, and those working on the mission field full time.

I love helping babies find families. I love walking adoptive families through their adoption journey.

I made a call today to let a sweet couple know that they are going to be parents. I got an email from another family being discharged from the hospital with their newly adopted baby.


This journey has taken “orphan care” to a whole new level for us because we are caring for many, many adoptive families. Moms and Dads who were worn out like us. We are seeing family after family become stronger and more able to care for the gifts God has given them.

Today a new member of our team wrote:

“I cannot believe how emotional I am today. I feel like this is so much more than just my Day 1. This is my promise to my babies that I will be here for their weddings and the births of their children. This is my promise to my husband that I will grow old with him and when death does part us it will be after a long, love-filled life together. This is a promise to myself that I am worthy of all of these precious people God has placed in my life and that I can be a healthier, longer part of their stories. This is not because I hope to wear skinny jeans (okay…maybe a little) but it is because I want to be able to run through the fields, climb the mountains, and swim the seas if that is what God calls of me.
I am so ready for this…”

This is why we do what we do. To help parents like this one become the people they long to be!

Because yes, my friend, you are worth it, your family is worth it, the world is worth having you be your most AMAZING, STRONG SELF!

So tomorrow I’m going to throw on my skinny jeans, thank Jesus for a beautiful new day, and be ready to love and serve all of those God has placed in my life!



4 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans and the Mission Field

  1. I am so grateful that I have a health that I have not known for years and AT THE SAME TIME I am supporting such amazing families and causes. WHAT A GIFT! Thanks for posting, Tracie – our family feels the same!

  2. Amen Tracie. You have a good Godly thing going and don’t let anyone bother you with comments. The only one I worry about what they think is my Lord and I’m sure He is cheering you on. All you do is give advice and people don’t have to pay any attention if they aren’t interested. You go girl. May God walk beside you as your cheer leader. I am cheering you on also.

  3. I’m just stumbling upon this – what was your big change/is your big journey? I’d love to know more.

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