Perfect World

There is an article making it’s way around Facebook recently. You should read it.

Here’s a quote.

“We call it PerfectWorld,” says a friend from the women’s ministry. “Only Molly lives there. The rest of us get to learn spiritual lessons.”

We all know “Molly”… maybe we have been “Molly” from time to time.

Molly says things like this on Facebook,

“My hot husband is also my most cherished friend!”

Or this classic,

“Precious time with the Lord today,” she wrote recently. The next day it was, “Blueberry scones, hot cocoa, a warm fire and my favorite devotional = Perfect morning.”

We present the perfect snippets of our life to the world. Pinterest worthy moments for all to see.

You’ve seen my birthday parties and holidays, new hair cuts, date nights, neatly clean and decorated rooms, trips to the zoo or the park, and yummy food pictures.

What is the world NOT seeing in your life as you engage in the affair called “social media”?

I’ve tried through this blog and on Facebook to present a “real me”… but let’s be honest, even the “real me” I present is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

Allow me to shatter the glass house and stomp on the rose colored glasses…….

Marriage: It’s hard work. We’ve been through a heap load of stuff that no one should have to walk through, but we did. We decided to stick it out. We worked hard for what we have. We still get caught up in life and neglect each other’s hearts from time to time. We have fights…. not as often as we did years past, but still we fail each other.

Parenting: We have no idea what we are doing. Some of our kids are very rude and self absorbed at the moment. I have no idea how to teach them manners. I pray one day that they decide to be kind to each other because right now they are a bunch of meanies. We did ok with the first three, but we acknowledge that they will most certainly need therapy because of our short comings. We shake our heads and marvel that they turned out so cool and actually like us.

Church and God: We have been to church 2x this year. Maybe. The last time I had hot cocoa by a warm fire with my Bible was….. well I can’t remember. I don’t have daily devotions, but I talk to God all day long. I’m pretty sure He’s listening even though I’m not sitting down eating a scone. I love God, but I do not like a lot of what I see people doing who claim to follow Him. I think there are a lot of things that people are getting wrong, and I think He’s most happy when we love and serve each other.

Adoption: Adoption is flipping hard. Parenting broken kids is hard. Separating your heart from the actions of a broken child is hard. Sometimes I get mad at a child when it’s not really their fault at all. Sometimes I forget the story. Sometimes I lose my temper. I forget to get mad about the crap my kid when through and I get mad at my kid instead.

The Daily Grind: I get in a tizzy a lot. You know what a tizzy is, right? When you get all worked up, hot and bothered because well just because. I do that. Yep, I’m the queen of the tizzy. I swear sometimes. I’ve slammed a few doors and stormed out of a room. I’m not patient. I’m not organized. My desk is almost always a mess except for when I clean it every two weeks or so. I have corners of clutter in my house. When I clean one out, another one pops up.

You get it?

I’m not perfect. I could go on and on and on.

Even when I share “real stories” about bad stuff, you still MOSTLY see the pretty moments of my life.

You see the Instagram with the soft filter.



And you don’t typically see  the unfiltered, make up half way off version of me.



So tonight it’s the real me with all my faults and weaknesses. Sharing with the real you, accepting you for who you are.

Knowing that He who loves us is full of grace and mercy.

Knowing that  sharing the real me will help more than it will hurt.

So if your kid pooped in the tub or threw a tantrum the size of Texas.

If you fought with your  husband and said mean words to your kids.

If you fed everyone Kraft Macaroni and Cheese because you were too tired to cook.

If you made a boxed cake mix for your kids party.

If you used paper plates all week for dinner.

If you have worn the same sweat pants for 3 days (and you slept in them too).

Just know you are beautiful and loved and precious.

You don’t have to be “Pinterest” perfect or “Facebook” fake.

Just be you.

It’s ok. We’ll all probably like you better that way anyway!


11 thoughts on “Perfect World

  1. Thank you, Tracy… I sure wish you were close enough for coffee–or whatever you want to drink these days lol!

  2. Amen and amen. I am careful to try to keep the ugliest parts of my life off of FB. After all, there may be a future employer, or a legalistic “Christian” friend waiting to pounce on that one ugly piece of me. And there are many ugly pieces that must be hidden, no?

    Some days I do thoroughly enjoy reading aloud from The Message (and not from the KJV, NIV, ESV…) during my quiet time…if I have/make time for a quiet time. And, I am sure that God must some days tire of my constant chatter in His ear, praying, complaining, praising, whining, worshiping, beseeching. But, like you, I am just a woman married to a man who graciously continues to walk out this amazingly crazy life with me. Sometimes I want to beat some sense into my children, and other days I weep in wonder that this “life”, this “child” exists despite my many failures.

    Thank you, Tracie, for being Tracie and not a more-perfect-than-everyone-else Molly. Someday, we will see Him face to face, and maybe then the beauty of our wobbly walk will be revealed. (For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. 1 Cor 13:12 ESV)

    BTW, Molly’s wrong. MY husband is the hottest man on the planet…at least in my eyes 😉

  3. Adoptive parents seem to really understand one another. I think now I should go clean out that pile in the corner in honor of you. You’re laughing because you probably know i have way more than one pile. Sill trying to teach kindness, respect and giving of yourself to others, thinking of others etc. over here…I’ll let you know if it ever works. The scars from this parenting journey are both physical and invisible. Thanks for keeping it real.

  4. So good to read after a rough night of parenting. My oldest son just punched a whole through the door when I told him to go to bed. What??! Thankful for a remorseful heart and a good talk, but grrrrrr.

    We are getting closer to our adoption (I hope). Our dossier has been in Ethiopia for two years. I love reading your blog. You encourage, inspire, and do so while giving God the glory!

  5. Love it! So I cry, “LOVE ME NOW – JESUS! In my junk…” and He is so faithful. I have kids ranging in age from twenty-two to eleven. Years ago one on my wise friends told me that my brokenness will force my kids to find a higher perfect Love – it’s true. I was free at that moment to parent the only way I can, perfectly imperfect! So, we save our money to pay for our kids counselors, go ourselves when we need to and live rejoicing that Jesus really does love the broken and goes to the lowest places – like our house.

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