The Whole Story


I often get in conversations with people who have goals and dreams for their future.

They share those with me, but sometimes chose to preface them with the list of failures or struggles they’ve had in their life.

I get it. Let’s lay it out there. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

That’s fine.

Here’s the bottom line. The blunders, off track moments, struggles, and outright failures of our lives are just part of the story.

They are part of what makes us who we are.

Part of the story.

Part. Not the whole.

We are not the equivalent of our failures.

We are not defined by the things we struggle with over and over again.

We are not marked by the off track moments of our lives.

Those things shape us.

And if we allow them, they will mold us to become more loving, more giving, and more compassionate.

Those things will allow us to serve with understanding. Holding each other up with grace.

The people who have loved me the best are the ones who have failed the most.

The people who have given me the most hope have had to release the most shame.

You are not equal to your sin, YOU are who HE created you to be. You are the story HE wrote about your life.

It’s a story. It is not a single event. It is the whole beautiful story… the valleys, the mountain tops, face to the dirt, arms raise to the heavens.

The whole journey. Not a moment.

YOU are so beautiful and wonderful and so intricately designed, and your story is being told day by day.

Let it be woven together with grace.




One thought on “The Whole Story

  1. Tracy, you have no idea how I needed to read that. Am struggling with some stuff lately. And, aside from (or in addition to?) that, shame is a big one for me! I think THAT comes mostly from abuse in past. Thank you for being real and, in your “realness” you make it safe for others to be real too!

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