Happy Emma. Happy Momma.

About a year after adopting Emma, some of her behavioral issues caused us to seek professional help. We took her to a physician who specialized in behavioral and mental disorders, along with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, she was diagnosed with ADHD. She was put on medications. Her behavior had become out of control, and her ability to focus was slim to none. It was affecting the family and her ability to enjoy life. 

Just over a year ago we hit one of the roughest times in our life with Emma. We hit the bottom. She began to have severe behavioral outbursts that resulted in violence. It was not easy.  She was admitted for further psychiatric evaluation. They changed some meds, increased some meds and sent us home. We were back a month later. They changed some meds, increased some meds and sent us home.

So our daughter was medicated. Behaviors became less severe but her JOY for life was almost none. We were all frustrated. She was not happy. 

Something needed to change. Enter our big family health makeover in the summer of 2013. 

I had already noticed very CLEARLY that sugar was not something Emma could tolerate at all. Any sugar that entered her body caused behavioral melt down for about 48 hours. So we had already eliminated sugar from her diet.

As John and I started our health changes with Isagenix, doing a 30 Day Cleanse, it was clear that I was NOT going to prepare different food for my children than I was for us. So we all slowly got rid of processed foods, gluten, and other toxic foods from our cupboards. 

After our 30 Day Cleanse, we started giving the kids IsaLean shakes with IsaFruits and IsaGreens every morning. 

I then discovered a protocol by Dr. John Gray on treating ADHD through nutrition and mineral supplements, and we decide to start Emma on his protocol and slowly wean her from her prescriptions. Keep in mind I decided to just do this on my own. I was the one WITH my daughter, observing her daily, and I felt fully confident that I could manage this transition slowly and carefully. So we did.  And we were able to totally eliminate 2 prescriptions completely and cut the other 2 back to very low doses. (note: Dr. Gray is part of the Isagenix family)

Emma’s behavior is the best it has ever been. Sure she has meltdowns, as a matter of fact, she had one last night. But what we do know is that having a HAPPIER, more focused Emma 95% of the time, is a HUGE WIN for the team! 

I just came back from Emma’s Behavioral/Developmental Clinic appointment this afternoon. I haven’t been in 6 months or so. I went over all of the changes with her doctor and after her exam, she looked at me and said, “Well, Mom, you’ve done a great job. She’s doing great! You look great, she looks great.” I asked her recommendation on further weaning, and she replied, “I’m glad you asked! You have her on the lowest possible does of medication ‘x’, so you can stop that one now. Give it a couple of weeks and see how she does and then you can start weaning the final medication.” She gave me a suggested weaning schedule for that and sent us off with a huge smile on her face. She said, “It would make me so happy to see her off these medications.” 

Do you have any idea how HAPPY that makes ME? 

Emma will have her issues. It is what it is, but we are so grateful for a new approach to her care both mentally and physically. I am so grateful for good nutrition in the form of Isagenix and for the lifestyle change it has made in our family. 

Loux Family 101

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To listen to the four part series by Dr. John Gray on ADHD, please click HERE


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