What About Love?

“What about love
Don’t you want someone to care about you….”


“What about love
Don’t let it slip away….”



What about love
I only want to share it with you.”



“What about love?
Love, love, love
What about, what about love?”

 (Brian Allen and Sheron Alton)



…..and if you’re a proper child of the 80’s, you are singing along with me now. Belting it out at the top of your lungs like Ann and Nancy Wilson. 


We wrapped up Valentine’s Day and all of my children thanked me for making it magical and fun. Well, most of them thanked me, the rest will “get it” in a few years when they start to connect the dots and realize that Valentine’s Day is a day where momma spends hours thinking of ways to express her love for her children. 

John and I celebrate our love all year long. Sorry, not trying to sound corny or clique but we do. We’ve worked to hard and have been through way to much not to guard, protect and cherish every moment of our relationship. I promise you, it hasn’t been all hearts and rainbows either. It’s been work. We’ve hurt each other plenty. Misunderstood each other. We’ve both gotten caught up in ourselves a time or two and have forgotten to listen to each other’s hearts. 

But we have continued to press through because marriage is hard work….

And it’s worth it. 

We’ve kept going when others  might have quit. 

And now almost 24 years into this thing called marriage, we’re getting pretty good at it. 

And it’s just getting better and better because we celebrate LOVE every day.


Photos courtesy of Sara LePage Photography



2 thoughts on “What About Love?

  1. You guys have to be two of the coolest-looking people ever. I could never pull off tattoos and a short haircut like you do. You both look awesome! And I love your heart for the least of these even more.

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