Don’t Forget to Dream



Last year, this one phrase carried me through on of the hardest years of my life. (Who am I kiding, the past 4 years have all been hard!)

Mid-year I made some changes and I decided it was time to take care of myself. (Read more about that here.)

A new year is upon me, and I am determined to live more freely and more strongly than ever before.

My reminder for this year is “Don’t Forget to Dream”. (And no, I do not have a tattoo planned for my other arm…. at least not yet)

When I look back on much of the past few years, I think to myself, “Well, we survived.”

As we hit 2014, my thought was, “Thank you, Jesus, we are thriving!”

I cannot tell you how good this feels.

This whole journey I’ve been on for the past 5 months has been about me breaking free of old mindsets, breaking off lies, conquering fears, and taking care of myself so that I can love deeply, serve well, and give in big ways.

Those are my goals this year:

To Love

To Serve

To Give

And they key to achieving them is to give myself free reign to DREAM.

and to DREAM big!

I’m dreaming big for myself, my husband, my children, for family and friends, for YOU!



One thought on “Don’t Forget to Dream

  1. I’m dreaming for your family and for mine. Thanks for reminding me to go big with those dreams! Sorry we can’t meet in Dallas this week but I’ll dream for the next time!!

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