Family On a Mission (part1): the Metz Family

Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting some amazing families  who are choosing to live radical lives for the Lord on the mission field. 

Meet Nathan and Jade Metz and family!

WGM family photo

When did the call to missions begin growing in your heart?

When we first met, one of the things that drew us together was a desire to adopt.  In 2010 that adoption happened as we welcomed Ezra into our family from the country of Uganda.  International missions was never a big part of our family direction as we had focused primarily on pastoral work and local ministry.  Then, in early 2013, God called us back to Uganda.  It wasn’t so much ‘growth’ as it was ‘explosion’.  We prayed over it and discussed it with close family and friends.  It was quickly apparent that God had set straight a path from Indiana to Uganda.


Why Uganda?

Uganda is a place that we love. Our son Ezra was born there. Jade had the privilege of praying with her father as he received the gift of salvation and witnessed his baptism in Uganda during a court trip for Ezra. God has given us a deep love for the people there and we are thrilled that He has called us to serve Him there! God has given us many opportunities to say yes to Him over our marriage. Our adoption of Ezra. Our 18 day notice that our Ruby Ann needed a family. Accepting the call to full time ministry. Leading a mission trip to Uganda. Each thing- hard, scary, but SO good! He has proven faithful and we trust Him!


How did you come to the decision to uproot and move, instead of just traveling to serve from time to time?

We decided to join work being done by World Gospel Mission in Kampala, Uganda (the capital city).  They have a strong presence in the country after having grown out of a dynamite church growth in Kenya.  We felt the best choice for us was a full time commitment (2 years at first, then 4 at a time) living in the country.  We want our kids to settle in and make friends.  We want to learn the language and the culture.  As we join in the community we will be better equipped to share the Gospel.


How did you handle this decision as a family, especially with your children?

One of the most important things we do as a couple during big decisions is to keep stride.  We only move as fast as the slowest.  Our goal is to make sure that we never make any decisions where one of us can point to the other saying, “you made me do this”.  It might sound childish but we’ve all been there.  When something is this big we have  to be extra careful to remain in stride with our Lord and our spouse.  The children have been incredible.  Occasionally they will have questions about plane rides, African food and whether they have soccer there (oh, they sure do!).  We just try to be sure to let them speak freely and not push them into whatever position seems best to us.  While they did quickly jump on board, there has also been a gradual coming to terms with the whole thing.  We anticipate this adjustment period to be ongoing.


What is the focus of the work you are doing (or will be doing)?

Nathan will be training pastors.  Pastoral training is a term you will hear from many missionaries across the continent of Africa.  The Gospel has been spread and churches have been growing and replanting like wildfire.  The challenge now is to help that young church grow deeper.  They need leaders who can teach the Scriptures, model Christian living and disciple those around them.  Nathan is joining a team in creating curriculum for those pastors in training.


Jade will pouring herself into schooling our 4 children and helping them grow into godly men and women. She will also be volunteering at local orphanages and working with young girls and women who have been rescued from human trafficking. Jade has met girls as young as age 8 who have been rescued from forced prostitution. After these girls are rescued they are taken to a safe Christ-centered home where they receive food, clothing, schooling, and the love of Christ. Jade will help disciple and love on them.


To learn more about the Metz Family Journey, visit their blog and ministry website

nathanandjade.blogspot.com & wgm.org/metz

What are your current financial needs, fundraising goals, long term financial needs etc?

We have 28 days left of an amazing 90-day challenge to raise $700 a month in recurring monthly support that will be MATCHED per month. Yes, $700 A MONTH matched! Here is our (funny!) youtube video about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H93XY98_Obs

We are on track to being in Uganda by next summer. Our desire is to have partners who are truly invested and engaged in our ministry. We want partners who are in this for the long haul with us! 🙂 We want to be able to share by name who those children, men and women, that we are discipling.


5 thoughts on “Family On a Mission (part1): the Metz Family

  1. Oh my gooddness….I lost Jade and Nathans blogspot way back when my computer crashed and I lost it….You post has a new blogspot for them and it won’t load up….so, could you email me with it and I will see what I can do….I went thru the whole process with them when they adopted Ezra and after….Prayed fervently for that child…Oh so glad to see them on your post…
    Thanks a ton for any help you can give me to start reading again…And thanks for the Blocks blogspot too….I had lost their blog as well…
    Love from NC

  2. Thanks a ton….Now that I look back I did notice it….
    I love Nathan and Jade (even tho I have never met
    then) but have gone on their first adoption to Uganda….
    I was following 3 others there as well….Prayed much
    for all of them….
    I don’t comment often on your blog, just lurking, but
    glad to read our posts…Love hearing your heart..
    Love from NC

  3. Thank you for your out pouring of love and support on Nathan and Jade’s journey.Although it is bitter sweet to have my only daughter plant her feet so far away I am so excited to see what the Lord will do through our family.You are a precious gem in a treasure box and I am so greatful of the gift of Ruby Ann you have given our family.May the Lord continue to bless every step you take!

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