Man Alive!

The expression “Man Alive” originated as seaman’s term. It was an exclamation used, for instance, when a crew came upon a shipwreck to signify that there was at least one survivor.


When I first talked to John about Isagenix as a pathway to health for our family, he was reticent. Most men are, I am finding. But we studying together, learned more and it wasn’t long before he was ready to give it a try. He wasn’t convinced it would be a “lifestyle change” for him. As a matter of fact he was adamant that he would not be giving up some of the things we were giving up in the 30 day cleanse FOREVER! I just nodded and said, “ok.”

The stress of the past 5 years or so had not just wreaked havoc on my life, it had on John’s too. Stress and pain settle in the human body like bricks. Weight down the body and the spirit.

We needed to feel better and live stronger!

In his words,

“I just turned 44 years old. This spring, I was diagnosed by my doctor with severe depression. I was on medication that worked somewhat BUT effected other parts of my life negatively. I was in a pretty dark place. Upon starting Isagenix, I noticed a huge difference in my energy level and state of mind. After the first 2 weeks I felt better than I EVER had in my 20’s. Depression meds went bye-bye. Even though I had spent a year and a half in the gym I got more results in the first 30 day’s using Isagenix than I did working out in the gym for over a year. I have lost 15 inches mostly around in my torso/stomach/hip area and have lost over 12 lbs. The great thing about Isagenix is that the longer I use it, my energy level keeps increasing and remains more consistent during the day. My focus and ability to do the things I love just seems to grow because I am putting into my body the things it needs to operate at it’s full potential.”

I love this man, and I’m not sure I can fully express the joy that it is in my heart to see him feeling the way he feels like now. He has reclaimed his health and the impact on his body, mind, and spirit is unbelievable. I am so grateful to have this man back!

I’m so glad that after this storm and shipwreck after shipwreck in our lives that I can loudly shout…..




3 thoughts on “Man Alive!

  1. Tracie and John, thank you for sharing this. I am a friend of Kerry’s, and she pointed me here. My husband is currently battling extremely severe depression. I would love to hear more of your story and how you were able to defeat it, if you would be inclined to share (it’s ok if not; I know it is hard to talk about).

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