Taking Care of Momma

It goes without saying that the past 6 years have been a bit challenging for our family. 4 adoptions in 3 1/2 years- with a trip to Ukraine in the mix and transitioning wounded children into life with a family. The tragic loss of John’s brother. 3 years of ups and downs with Mattie’s health.

I have spend a lot of time in the valley.

And I hadn’t taken very good care of me in the midst of it all.

I had gained weight. A lot of weight… the kind of weight that I hid from the “public” by wearing layers and cropping my photos so that only my head and neck were showing. Don’t laugh, I’m guessing some of you get it.

Stress settled in my body like an anchor holding a ship in place in a rugged sea.

I tried to lose weight the same way I always had and it wasn’t working. From Fall of 2012 til May 2013, I frustratingly managed to lose 10 pounds. I was still very overweight. And I felt horrible. I started having chronic migraines. Debilitating ones. The last one sent me to bed for 5 days and I ended up finally seeking medical help, discovering that my blood pressure was very high. VERY VERY HIGH.

Beyond the weight issues, I was just exhausted. I mean EXHAUSTED. ALL. THE. TIME. I went to bed exhausted and woke up achy and exhausted. It was not fun, my friends. Not fun at all. I woke up with coffee, fueled my day with coffee and went to sleep with Advil PM and wine (just being honest here).

A trusted friend, who had walked through many of the same life circumstances shared with me about a health and nutrition program that had given her strength and energy back. I watched her reclaim her health. I was ready to make a change.

And I am just bull-headed enough that when I’m ready to make a change, I just go full throttle.

I ordered a 30 day system from Isagenix as a birthday gift and started the program on July 22nd, just a few days after my 45th birthday.

John decided to join me. And before long the family was brought along for the ride.

We transitioned our eating habits drastically (gluten free, eating primarily whole foods- fruits, veggies, low fat meats, and some healthy complex carbs like sweet potato, quinoa and brown rice). We quit buying packaged foods, quick freezer meals, and limited our eating out big time. We cut out coffee and alcohol.

In 60 days I lost 20 pounds. My blood pressure is now 116/74. It was 150/108 at its worst (after Mattie’s last illness) and 135/100 right before I started this program. That in and of itself is fabulous, but better than the weight loss is the way that I feel. I have energy like never before. I go to bed, fall asleep, and sleep well. I wake up feeling rested and ready to go.


(These are my 45 day pictures. I need to post 60 day pics!)


1. I was desperate to feel better and reclaim my health.

2. I slowly began watching and listening to others whose lives were being transformed by Isagenix and I started to ask questions.

3. I was impressed by the quality of the products and mostly by what was NOT in them (they are gluten free, all natural, no GMO’s, nothing artificial)

4. AND I was super intrigued by the idea that this investment into my health would be benefiting adoptive families and directly impacting orphan in a big way. No one was talking to me about getting a fancy new car or going on big vacations, they were all talking about how this was freeing their family to care for ORPHANS. My ears were open.

5. I started hearing more and more about how good these products were for my kids (including the benefits for my kids with special needs, for brain growth and healing). MORE ON THAT LATER!

6. This was a cleanse that works at a cellular level, ridding the body of toxins so that it can function optimally.

7. This was a lifestyle change, not a gimmick. I was tired of hearing about gimmicks and knew I needed to make radical changes regarding my health.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, let me know. I CHALLENGE you to try this for 30 days, see how much better you feel after cleansing your body of toxins and putting quality nutrition in your body!

A 30 DAY CHALLENGE has turned into a lifestyle change that is transforming our entire family!



5 thoughts on “Taking Care of Momma

  1. Hello Tracie, The before and after photos speak “louder than words” as the saying goes lol! You look wonderful! I am struggling with: high blood pressure (controlled satisfactorily with medication) being WAAAYYY overweight–in fact, now considered “obese”, and have ptsd, anxiety and depression issues, irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia. I wonder if there’s hope for me with this product and if it is anywhere near what I can afford? I’m interested!

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