Tiny Mattie Update

Of course almost immediately after my last update, we woke up Saturday morning and Mattie started having blood in his tracheal secretions. He had a low grade fever and was needing a little extra O2 and ventilator support.

Soooooo, because our history with blood in his secretions normally is BAD, we scooted off to the ER.


On a scale of 1-10 with our June ER trip being a 10, this one was about a 2.
Not nearly as scary and he really wasn’t in very bad shape at all.
As a matter of fact, he rode from the ER to the PICU looking like this.


And today he looks like this!


We’re still waiting on an explanation regarding the bloody secretions. They will do a scope of his airway tomorrow.
But we are grateful that he is happy and stable.
He was even off the vent for a few hours today and handled it just fine!

Pray for quick resolution to everything tomorrow and a HOPEFUL discharge.


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