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Love from the Littles (Wedding Post, part 3)

Several months before the wedding, the Littles were asked to be part of the special day.

They said yes.

And then they wanted to know when they could eat cake.


We were full of JOY that Mattie was well enough to be in the wedding.

He was charming.

Of course.


Brothers of the Groom


Flower Girl, Sister of the Groom. In all her princess glory! Toothless to boot!


Flower Girl, Sister of the Groom. Lovely as can be!


Mattie was the Ring Bearer. His job was hard.

He was pulled in a wagon and refused to sit up.

Why sit up when you can recline while everyone swoons.


Aiden carried this super fun sign down the aisle announcing Amy’s entrance!

Notice Nick is no longer watching his brother.

His eye is on the spot where his bride is about to make her entrance!


And then they ate CAKE and  DANCED til they dropped!

Here’s Emma out on the dance floor taking her cousin Sasha for a spin!


Elia cuttin’ up the dance floor with her cousins Silas and Justin


Daddy and I dancing with two very tired little boys!


Love is family. Family is love.

This wedding just oozed with the beauty of love and the miracle of family.


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