Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Wedding Post, part 2)

Nick and Amy live love. This “crazy little thing called love”? They do it really well.

So it is not surprising that every detail of wedding preparation was simply oozing with love.

A Bachelor Party complete with some of the finest men I know.

I was tearful (hiding in the background and not stalking AT all) to see the kind of amazing young men who have become my son’s closest friends.


A Bachelorette Party with women who are passionate and full of grace, kindness and love.

Celebrating their friend and loving her well.


Amy hosted a beautiful bridal brunch the day before the wedding with her bridesmaids and family who were in town.


Amy loves giving. She loves words. She knows the language of the heart.

She presented a gift to each of her bridesmaids and shared her heart of gratitude and love for each of them.

It was a  precious time.  I know very few women who know how to love like this.


Then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Kansas City Barbeque at Jack Stack on a perfectly beautiful evening.


We all shared our hearts with this beautiful couple. It was remarkable to hear the impact they have had on the lives in the room that night.

(That’s Taylor below)


And Nick and Amy love WORDS too much to receive word gifts from others, without giving them back.


You know the 100’s (well maybe that’s an exaggeration) of TV shows about weddings? Reality shows? Bridal competitions?” Bridezilla” for pete’s sake!

The general theme of those shows seems to be “It’s all about ME!” Spoiled rotten women spending a truck load of money on a day that seems full of self-indulgence and pride.

This was the antithesis of that.

This was love and grace and beauty.

This? This was a man and a woman in love, celebrating their love while pouring love on those that they cherish the most.

Of course it was about them. Of course it was their day.

But as much love as was poured out on them, as much celebration and delight as we all took in watching God write this story, this beautiful couple mirrored it back to us all through the entire celebration.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

They do it well.

They live it.


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