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I Nick Take Thee Amy (Wedding Posts, part 1)

It was May 24th. And it was perfectly lovely in every possible way.
The day was gloriously beautiful.
Every moment was thoughtful and deeply sincere. Full of love and grace.


The made vows that they meant with all their hearts. We laughed. We cried.
It was for real love witnessed by us all.
I really can’t find words to express the beauty of their love for each other.

They are beautiful.
They became Mr. and Mrs. Loux


They surrounded themselves with some of the best people on this planet.

Real friendship.

I’m not sure I have ever witnessed a young couple blessed with so much richness in relationships.

These are for better or worse friends.


We celebrated!


First dance.


And off they went to begin the most exciting adventure of their lives.





More to come… stay tuned!


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