Summer Vacation?


Spent the afternoon at a local water park (a tiny one). So grateful for local opportunities to relax.


That was hard.

I leaned over at one point and asked John, “Is this hard for you too? Doing nothing?”

His reply, “Oh my word, YES! I feel so guilty for not doing anything right now!”

We survived a major disaster and for the first Saturday in a very long time, we could RELAX.


Yes, just sit. Sure, we played in the water, but for the first time in years, the kids are pretty much all old enough that we can just WATCH!


Sitting is hard. Really hard!

But we did it.

The kids had fun. The sky was glorious. The wind was lovely. Except when it blew Aiden’s pretzel and cheeze dip into the bushes.

Don’t worry. He didn’t let it go to waste. He collected the pretzel chunks, ate them, and then a few HOURS later, found a cheese puddle on the pavement and took enormous licks out of it before we noticed!

Better than raw chicken… let the reader understand.


A month ago we decided that I would take 5 of our children on vacation, and John would stay home with Mattie (with nursing support).

The past few weeks altered that plan.

I’m not ready to leave Kansas City. Not ready to be 16 hours away. Not just yet.

So we’re here and summer is in full swing.

Planning to celebrate summer locally and celebrate the fact that Mattie is alive, home, and full of joy.





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