Where in the World are John and Tracie?

So our vacation plans when out the window this summer. A kind friend decided to give us a virtual vacation. So she plopped us into some of her favorite vacation pictures over the years.

We laughed so hard, we shook!








So as all of you enjoy your vacations this summer, we are simply enjoying the fact that we have 8 amazing children, and that our miracle boy Mattie is alive and home!

If you are at the beach somewhere, sink your feet in the sand, soak up some sun, sip a yummy cold drink, and REJOICE with us.

Vacation would be nice.

But I’ll settle for a nice long nap!


2 thoughts on “Where in the World are John and Tracie?

  1. What a wonderful tradition to wear the same outfits on every vacation!!!!! lol lol lol!!!!! Loved this!

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