Miracle Mattie Goes Home on Monday!


Can you believe it? Two weeks ago today, we almost lost him. This is TODAY!!! Two weeks ago, he was the most critically ill child in the intensive care unit. We were told to prepare for a long stay, a long recovery…. Weeks, maybe more than a month.


Hmmmm? Does this kid look like he belongs in the hospital?

Nope! Miracle Mattie goes home on MONDAY!!!!!!


We were told today that with the exception of a small pocket in his left lung that is still healing from pneumonia, his lungs look as good as they ever have, maybe better!

His ventilator settings are back to him minimal base line.

We are believing this is the beginning of COMPLETE healing!



You didn’t get what she said??

I’m a miracle!!!

Please pray for continued and complete healing!!! New lungs!


7 thoughts on “Miracle Mattie Goes Home on Monday!

  1. There is power in prayer and this little man is proof. So happy to see how wonderful he looks đŸ™‚

  2. Praise The Lord!!! We have been praying and are so glad to hear your good news! Praying for new lungs!

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