Everyday Miracles

I believe the miraculous weaves a thread of beauty in our lives every day.

Sometimes we are blind to see it, fail to drink it in, forget to acknowledge its presence.

You breathe, air fills your lung, oxygen nourishes your blood, your heart beats. You are a miracle.

The seasons shift in and out of beauty and paint pictures of divinity before our eyes. All of creation cries out, “Miracle!”

A seed is planted and life begins. A womb sustains a tiny growing human, life connected to life. Life emerges out of darkness, and a cry is heard. A miracle every time.

Everyday, miracles surround us, engulf us in their beauty.

The miracle Maker- He speaks to us through miracles declaring that He is ever present, full of love.

As I sit and watch my miracle breathe and heal, I marvel.

Write this down, it was a miracle. You watched a miracle take place.


And had he not lived, he would be still, every bit of him, a miracle.

Every curl on his head, the way his forehead swoops down to the gentle curve of his button nose. His grin, his sly wink, the furrow of his brow when he frowns. His kindness, his charm, his love. The scars on his body that tell a story of strength and grace. His joy, his determination, his passion.

Every ounce of him, a miracle.


And look around today. Drink in the miracles all around you. In the midst of pain, sorrow, doubt and fear, find a miracle and soak it in.

I dare you.


4 thoughts on “Everyday Miracles

  1. God is so good. Thank you Jesus for another obvious miracle. LOved what you said in
    Your feed today Tracie. There are so many miracles take place right before our very eyes,
    And we neglect to see them, or we simply do not acknowledge them as God given miracles.
    Forgive us Lord for our insensitivity to all you’ve created and blessed us with.

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