Moment by Moment Miraculous

God always speaks to me through the natural. Maybe it’s because I have a father who often taught spiritual truths using natural illustrations. I’ve learned to keep my ears and my eyes open to what He has to say. I’ve been doing a lot of sitting. Listening. Thinking. Watching.

I don’t know what you’re going through today. Your pain may be deep, but He is there. Maybe like Mattie, you feel like you can barely lift you head, like your heart has been put through the wringer, like its been hard to breathe, like the weight of life is pressing in. Today, the Lord wants you to know that He is near. That He is drawing close to you, and whispering life into your ear. He believes in you. He is fighting for you. As I lay my head down next to Mattie’s with one hand on his head, the other holding his hand, whispering, “Momma’s here. It’s ok!”, the Lord wants you to know He is there for you, at your side, His hand on your head, whispering, “I’m here. It’s going to be ok.”

You may feel you will never rise up out of it. I tell you, you will.

Because He is faithful. And He is love.


Today Mattie rose up out of an 8 day slumber, and he signed “Momma”. In the midst of pain, he heard my voice. And he called out to me.

I urge you, listen, He is there speaking. Call out His name. He is real and He is love.


Today we rejoiced with all the gladness in our hearts. Our son, our beautiful son, heard us, looked into our eyes, and saw love staring back at him.

The journey is not over. He continues to need healing and restoration. Sometimes the miraculous is moment by moment. Sometimes rising from the grave takes 8 days. Sometimes He asks us to trust and look into His eyes and let the slow work of the miraculous take place.

We continue to contend for fullness of life for Mattie. He is so worth it.

And so are you.

Call out His name. Look into His eyes.

He is there.

He is love.


8 thoughts on “Moment by Moment Miraculous

  1. Tracie. I’m so blessed that in the middle of your struggle to trust in God that you are thinking of us and encouraging us to do the same. Thank you so very much! I’m humbled and grateful to God and to you for your kindness. Daniel

  2. Rejoicing wiith you and continuing to pray for your little blessing.

    Freedom Hollow Farm
    Williamsport TN

  3. Thank you for the image! I am struggling to hold on to hope and the picture is a good way to do that. Praying for your Mattie’s complete healing with my two year old. Trusting for his miracle to come to completion!

  4. oh tracie 🙂 my heart just flooded with overflowing joy when i read your blog yesterday ❤ what an incredibly loving father we have. all he does is good. i'm so grateful that he has given you more days with mattie. each day is so amazingly precious. i'm dancing with joy alongside you today 🙂 xoxoxoxo

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