I Speak

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about God. Miracles. Creation.

I’m not a theologian by any means.

I walk in faith, following a God who I believe is at His very core LOVE.

Faith is the assurance of what I hope for, it is the substance of things I have not yet seen. (Hebrews 11)

Because of Faith, I can sit by this bedside believing for healing, believing for the miraculous.

Believing that God is Love.

I have Faith, because Love abides in me.

He who created me, loves me. The One who fashioned me, was looking for someone to love, someone to love Him. And He chose to breathe life into me. So I am living and loving, and love drives me, presses me into a place of faith.

Because of Love, I have Faith.

When Love speaks it creates and heals.

He spoke and the universe was created. Words in Love. Creation.

He spoke and it came to be.

He spoke and the blind would see, the lame would walk, the dead would rise.

Let it be.

On earth as it is in heaven.

So with Love, in Faith, I speak…

Live, son.

Breathe, son.

Blood, flow and heal.

Lungs, be restored, made new.

Mattie, rise up.


7 thoughts on “I Speak

  1. i just left CMH where my 4 month old great-grandson is having breathing issues and i also pray for healing. Mattie is so awesome and in fact my little one was named after Mattie. (his dad met Mattie at the vent clinic and decided that would be his sons name). my love and prayers go out to your family and i know God has a plan for Mattie.

  2. In the name of Jesus we speak circulation to every artery and vein, to every inch of Mattie’s body. We declare that strength will flow into his body, and he will breathe, not only as well as he did before, but BETTER. We come against infection in Jesus’ name and declare every bacteria, every virus, and foreign body DEAD!

    We know the power of your blood dear Jesus, and we thank you that you shed your blood for Mattie and receive it for him, and hold our hands and hearts up to you for him.

    Breath Mattie. Deeply son.

  3. Father God we are believing now for the complete healing of precious Mattie, in JESUS NAME!! In JESUS NAME we know that we will be joining you in rejoicing over Mattie’s miracle healing. Thank you Jesus for how his family has been an inspiration to me and my family! In your name we pray, AMEN!!

    Tracie, I tagged you in my post that I made on Facebook for Mattie and your family in my Bible study group. Our leader told us that we were going to pray over someone in this next week that is going to be healed. And that each person there would be able to do this. I believe my person is precious Mattie!! It is a private group on Facebook, but I am making you a member so you can see how these people will come together in prayer for Mattie. They all joined my family a couple of weeks ago, in prayer while my son was in the hospital. I know they will for you too!!

    Much love and prayers, Kristin

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