Like Incense

“O Lord, I call to you; come quickly to me. Hear my voice when I call to You. May my prayers be set before you like incense; may the lifting of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.” Psalm 141:1,2


My faith waivers, and I beg my heart to hold fast. I command my spirit not to fear. I vacillate from strength to utter weakness.

I know that He who promised is faithful.
I know that He is love.

Somedays I feel like my most weakly uttered prayers, may ultimately be my strongest.

Save my son, God.
LIVE, Mattie, LIVE!
Make all things new, Father.
On earth as it is in heaven.

When I am weak, I cling to few words. I chose to hold to the ones that feel more powerful than long supplications.

And sometimes when i am at my weakest, in His goodness, He sends precious ones dreams in the night.

Amy dreamt she was singing, “There is Power in the Blood” over someone and they were healed. So she came, and she sang words of power and life and healing over Mattie, and I clutched the bed rail and took each word into my own soul. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


And my faith was renewed, as it is renewed over and over by your prayers, your words of hope.
As it is renewed each time the Word of God breathes into my heart.

“My eyes are fixed on You, O Sovereign Lord; in You I take refuge, do not give me over to death.” Psalm 141:8


We pray, with love that runs deep. We pray (we beg) for LIFE.

And you pray….


The very smallest to the very oldest, you are praying. And we feel it. We feel your prayers.

Thank you….

Today pray as they attempt to switch Mattie from the oscillating ventilator to the standard hospital ventilator (Servo). Pray for this stubborn infection in his left lung to break up and leave his body, and that his lungs would be left with no permanent damage. Believe with us that Mattie’s lungs would be completely restored.


5 thoughts on “Like Incense

  1. Tears as I read your post. Powerful words. Powerful emotions. Powerful prayers. Powerful love. Powerful God. He hears every single one of them as they are echoed across the world. We kneel together for complete healing for your little Mattie. xo

  2. Praying and believing with you that Mattie’s lungs will be restored. He’s such a precious little guy with so much life to live…..

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